Modified V-Dieter Log (EuRoPe)

Hi theeeeereee!!! I am a finnish girl living somewhere in europe…in her own crazy mind. Started Bodybuilding 6 years ago. Got maaaaaany medical problems (too long to list) Gained extra 20 kg of fat (thankyouverymuchdearlazyass). And i will turn 21 soooon!!! (2 weeks and counting!)

So ok, this is my official whatever log-diary to the Velocity Diet.

Its not the official V-Diet as i dont use Biotest supplements.

Anyway…so far im very happy with how im feeling and how im looking.

So for the sake of my sanity, i will keep a weight progress log.

Starting: 118.4 Kg
Height: 170 and something

Im down around 2kg, and this is my 3rd day.

I will post more later, on what supplements i use, weights and measurementes in pounds and inches…:slight_smile:

Anyway, my mail goal is to compete in October. I should get down to 75-78kg for contest, and 80-88 offseason (depends how much lean mass i gain, how i see myself etc…)

Anyway…here i will have my daily rantinggg, so bear with me if you wish.


Stekto (aka reese)

Ok, so i am drained.


This is normal in me lol.

The v-training is intense, dont be fooled by the little complexity from it…if you are on a low carb diet…pheeewwww it eats you alive. Specialy me lol.

I am fed up of protein shakes…i mean…nauseated when i think of it. Ok…dont think of it lol.

My entire body is in heat…i am always sweating…or feeling extremely hot…its like if my body temperature raised a bit since i started this program.

What else…dunno…i am just drained…i will drink my post workout drink now…i am drained…draaaaiiiineeeed thankyouverymuch.