Modified V-Diet

Hi, I am a 19 year old D1 college tennis player, who is about to start the Velocity Diet. I am roughly 6’0, 165-170 pounds with approx 11% bf, but would like to completely cut up and get that fully ripped look. With the original V-Diet there was very little cardio. My lifestyle requires me to do a lot of cardio because of practice. I have modified the V-Diet to fit my lifestyle.

If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them. Here it is:

1625 calories on workout days/ 1525 calories on non-workout days

270 calorie protein shakes (3.5 shakes = 945 calories) everyday

1 tablespoon milled flax seeds mixed in with shake (50 calories per shake/ 175 a day) everyday

20 fish oil capsules (100 calories) 3 days a week (taken on workout days)

3 full upper body workouts a week (1 hour long)
cardio 5 times a week (from tennis)
taking lipo 6 (x2 a day)

1 solid meal a day (405 calories)
meal = 1 hard boiled egg (75 calories) + 1 packet quaker oatmeal (160 calories) + 1 cliff luna bar ( 170)

breakfast- shake
lunch- shake
afternoon snack- shake
dinner- meal
post dinner- half shake