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Modified T-Dawg

Hey Chris, hows the new t-dawg diet coming along? I’m anxious to take get a look at it.

About 6-8 weeks ago I answered the Reader Mail section and included a rundown of the T-Dawg 2.0 modifications. If you haven’t read that, see if you can find it. Sorry, can’t remember which issue that was in. Maybe someone else will.

I’ll finish the article eventually, but I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff lately. The truth is that the new projects I’ve been working on are a lot more exciting to me and interesting than re-writing a diet article. I’ll get the article finished, but it’s just difficult mentally to get into it.

The secret to writing articles (or fiction) is to attack it while you’re excited about it. Then the writing is easy. If you wait (like I did with the new diet) you lose interest and the writing becomes a mental version of hard labor. I’m probably cranked out over a dozen articles and interviews since I started the new T-Dawg, so it’s tough to jump back into. That’s kind of good though because I’ve picked up a few more ideas to improve the diet, one new modification just this week gleaned from Don Alessi, who uses the diet a lot with his clients. He’ll discuss that in his new article that will appear this Friday.

So, it’ll get finished sooner or later, I hope!

Found it; reader mail, issue 192. Thanks Chris.