Modified T-Dawg Diet

I have scoured the forum and past issue and do not see an answer (maybe I am missing it).
Doing my calculations for the T-Dawg Diet, I came to some startling conclusions
1.As a recent Body for Life “graduate”, I think I was taking to little calories from macros.2. If I do the diet as suggested, I might be eating a lot more than I ever did but am afraid to gain fat. 3. I calculated that at 1gr protein/lb of body weight and upping carbs to 100 on w/o days, that still leaves me with 185 gs of fat I need to take to make sure I am at my -500 daily Caloric level [214 lbs/20% BF with a slow metabolism multiply by 16]. That to me seems like a awfully lot of flax, UDOs and Fish oil Capsules to take. If UDOs is 14g/TBLSP,that’s a lot of tablespoons to take. Are my figures right or wrong here? Would I need to up the pro and carb in order to reduce the fat? I know the healthy fats are…well…healthy to take but that seems like a lot. Help please. I’d like to start Mon, so I want to clear this up. Thanks.

BTW, anyone know where the Don’t Diet article is at, I can’t find it in the search.