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Modified Strongman Training in South of England

Here’s a video link to a montage of some of the strongman training we do at our gym.

If you fancy coming in for some training give us a call or email us.
All our contact details are on our website at www.winninghealthsolutions.co.uk

Apologies for the link…it doesn’t come up for some reason.
You have to copy and paste to see the video.

Lets see if this works again…

If not then you can view it via our facebook fan page or our youtube link.

Just had some recent additions to our kit list…these include a super yoke, farmers walk bars and a strongman barrel log. More to follow!

That’s pretty cool. Some good idea’s in there. I especially like the idea of putting the rope around the prowler for the arm over arm, must give it a try.

Great video.

that looks like some fun stuff, what were the two guys doing both pushing the tire? like battling or something?

Yeah we do two types of tyre ‘bullying’ one where you keep your hands on it and try and get the other guy to drop his side and the other where you push the tyre back and forth till someone taps out. Great fun!

Looks like a great time! Next time I’m in the UK I’ll stop by!