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Modified Slosh Pipes


dont know if this has been discussed before.. but ive used a slosh pipe and realyl liked it so it got me thinking about modifications and such

1) possibly filling the pipe with other material besides water.. cant really think of much besides maybe marbles or something... maybe a mixture of marbles and water... anything ot increase the weight and hence difficulty

2) making mini slosh pipes like dumbbell versions.. that are maybe something like four - five feet long so u could do 1 arm variations of exercises... also could do farmers walks etc...

3)slosh tanks ... do exercise variations with a water cooler tanks that are half full etc...overhead walks and the like

anyone else thought of any cool slosh pipe modifications?


Slosh pipes with mercury. It's a lot heavier. If only it wasn't poisonous...

You could make longer slosh pipes. How about slosh pipes with a mixture of water, sand and gravel?


What about midgets who chase each other up and down thoses pipes?


I thought this was going to be about some weed smoking device.


lol that is the funniest thing i have seen posted in a long time


hah that would be awesome


Slosh Rack
Slosh Ham Raise
Reverse Slosh Hyper
Slosh up Bar
Decline Slosh