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Modified Singlets?


I see a lot of lifters train in what looks like a singlet with the waist up removed. Where does one come across one of these or do they modify singlets?

see 1:35


no idea, but why not just lift with a singlet with the straps down. Looks way cooler.


bike or compression shorts?
heres some:

i've seen a lot just tuck the top of the singlet in around the waist rather than pulling up the shoulder straps, too.


I just lift with the top pulled down.

I use to use running shorts, the suits look cooler and I have a bunch of them and I got a few off ebay for cheap.



you know you gotta be careful with them when you squat - right?


Yeah, I guess they just roll the top part like Koing said. In the place I train some lifters do that.


Not the ones that the 5k runners use as my gon@ds would hang out...the lycra type. I prefer the suits. I have 3 training ones and 2 comp ones. I think I have an older skool one with the zip at the back. I'd look huge in it as I use to wear it as a 77kg lifter! I got to find it! Looks badass!




haha. okay, just checking...


So thats what you were thinking?!

Surely you've seen videos of me lifting. I never wear those shorts! Lycra all the way!



i know you don't now but you said you use to :-p


Ahhhhh gotcha :stuck_out_tongue:

The shorts are horrible....the bar would make mince meat out of my legs. Lycra at least is another layer between my skin and the bar.