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Modified Natty Type 2B Split

Hi Christian,

First of all, excuse my english, its not my native language.

I made the neurotype test and I’m a 2b (144 Points, 112 Type 2a) and I also bought your program. I like the mind muscle and pump techniques very much but missing the fact, that you have to train the muscles 2-3 times a week, especially as a natural lifter. So I see 3 splits, which could be good for a type 2b.

The more “bro-split”:

Legs (focus quads)
Legs (Focus hams)+Pullups


Legs (focus quads)
Upper (focus back)
Legs (focus hams)
Upper (focus chest)



What are your thoughts about that splits regarding to gaining as much muscle as possible? I like number 2, because you hit everything at a minimum of 2 times but can focus on muscle groups.
As you can see, I can lift 5 days a week. My height is 177 cm and I weight 80 kg with 10% BF (caliper).

Thank you very much!

The split I use with 2Bs is:

Day 1: Chest/Biceps
Day 2: Quads/Hams
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Back/Triceps
Day 5: Quads/Glutes or calves if you are into that sort of stuff
Day 6: Delts/Rear delts/Traps
Day 7: Rest

Thanks for the response!
Ok, I know the Split, but wasn‘t sure if its also best for a lighter weight natural person. You hear everywhere you can train your back 3 times a week. I rarely get sore and could train the same muscle every other day too. So maybe I have to up the volume and put more clasic BB techniques in it!?

Technically speaking the back gets hit 2-3 days a week with this split. Rear delts and traps work involve the upper back. And if you do deadlifts or RDLs on one (or two) of the lower body days, you also work the back there.

Biceps get hit twice per week because they are involved when doing back work. The triceps get hit 3x a week because they work with chest and shoulders work.

Hitting a muscle 2-3x a weeks doesn’t mean including direct work for it 2-3x a week. If you look at EMG data, the biceps get as much stimulation from vertical pulling than from direct biceps work (among other things).

The only muscle not getting hit 2x a week here is chest. You could simply add some chest isolation work on deltoids day.

Now, if you are deadset on training every directly 2-3x a week I would recommend:

Day 1 - Quads/Pectorals/Delts/Triceps
Day 2 - Hamstrings/Back/Rear delts/Traps/Biceps
Day 3 - OFF
Day 4 - Pectorals/Delts/Triceps
Day 5 - Back/Rear delts/Traps/Biceps
Day 6 - Quads/Hamstrings/Calves
Day 7 - OFF

Ok, this makes sense. I will try the split you mentioned first. I dont like the Push pull where you train your legs and upper body muscles in one session because of the missing local pump.
Makes beeing an ektomorph wird a small frame and joints a difference regarding Split selection?

Thanks Christian!