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Modified mTor Set for 1b

I have been reading the recommendations for 1b’s and incorporating them into my workout. So, I have an idea for mTor sets. Slow eccenteric, but instead of the 2 second hold at the stretch postion, accelerate down for the last couple inches to get the stretch reflex, explode up, hold final stretch as normal. Do you think this is a good modification for 1b’s?

That’d create more muscle damage, but not elicit the same mTor response

A trade off for sure, but I think it would still make for an mTor responce, even if not as great as the standard mTor set. One advantage would be a higher weight could be used due to the stretch reflex allowing the 1b to use explosiveness. Might somewhat make up for the no pause between reps? With the eccentric already being stronger than the concentric, I personally think I could benifit from heavier weight on the eccentric than I can lift for more than a couple reps without any momentum. If only I had weight releasers and two training partners to reset them for every rep!

You might want to read the Maximum Muscle Building Rep on Thibarmy. It’s more or less what you describe.

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I think I have read it, but I will review.

I can’t find it. Got a link?

Yes, that’s the way I do slow eccentrics with 1Bs, did a few videos about that approach.


Thanks coach! I really appreciate all the information you have put out there. It has changed the way I exercise and made a great improvement!

Thanks Allberg. Yeah, thats what I am doing.