Modified Look Like a Bodybuilder Train Like an athlete

Hello and thanks for taking the time to check this thread.

My questions is in regards to CT’s “Look Like a Bodybuilder Train Like an Athlete Program”

I have been reading through a bunch of CT’s articles and cannot figure out how to apply his performance mass approach to a 3 day per week program. I understand that the initial reaction to this is most likely going to be “obviously, that is a high frequency 5-7 day per week concept”. Since I play a sport and choose to only lift 3 days per week outside of that sport, I am wondering if there is any way I can benefit from these concepts.

My 2 main questions are:

  1. How can you apply the rocket ship reps to a less frequent program, say 3 days per week. Would i simply add volume to the lifts I do on those three days? I know the program is designed for 6 days a week, but how can I apply the positive aspects of concentric based (eccentric de-emphasized) training to the main lifts on a 3-4 day per week program. My plan is to do an upper and lower press to start all three of the workouts with secondary and supplemental exercises after. So for example, start each workout with the push press or press and the snatch grip high pull or snatch grip deadlift. After that i would perform 2-3 secondary or supplemental exercises which would not be the same as I would most likely be using the continuous tension reps with one set per exercise taken close to failure as described in this article on the Thib training system.

  2. What type of lat and bicep work would you guys recommend given that one of my goals is to increase my max strength on chins. Currently I can do 100x4 at a body weight of 170, so I’m trying to really build my relative strength. I am thinking once a week working a number of sets staying at least 1-2 reps away from failure using an explosive concentric and controlled eccentric. Other then that a bicep and forearm accessory like hammer curls done for continuous tension for 3-5 sets taking maybe one set to failure on either the same day as the chins or a different day of the week.

Please let me know what is incorrect, if you think this will work or what I need to change about my thinking. Thanks for the assistance.