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Modified Justa Singles Program for Strength


So I've been using a mix of The 40 Day Program, Easy Strength, and Justa Singles. My strength has been climbing extremely fast with this mix. But I've been thinking about modifying The Justa Singles program to see how it works. The original idea is to stay between 70 and 80%, start out with 3 singles on Monday, then add 2 singles per day all the way thru Sunday.

Well, I'm going to change it to start at 4 singles with 80% on Monday, then add 2 reps per day, while DROPPING 2% per day. So Tuesday will be 6 reps @ 78%, Wed 8 reps @ 76%, Thur 10 reps @ 74%, and Friday 12 reps @ 72%. Take the weekend off, then add 5-10 pounds the next week and start over. Pick one main exercise like Bench, Deadlift, etc. Max once a month and adjust accordingly. What do u all think??


I've never seen anyone use Justa's singles program for anything other than deadlift and never in reverse. I'm very interested in your results. Let us know how it works.


Will do kghof. I'm gonna start it this Monday, the 27th, and run it thru the end of the year at least. I'll let you know how it goes.