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Modified Ian King

I am hoping people can help me out with any modifications that you have made from a King influenced workout. I have done some of the limping series and have a good feel from them. Currently, I am doing a A)chest/back, B)hip dominant, C)chest/back, D)quad dominant. Not worrying about arms. With ‘A’ I’m doing 5x5 with wide pull-up, dips, and abs. With ‘C’, 5x5 incline db bench, r. delt rows, and abs. ‘B’ 5x5 King deads, 3 sets rev. ext., and 2 sets ham curls. ‘D’ 5x5 db lunges, and 3 sets leg ext… My concern is; is this enough? ‘B’ and ‘D’ days feel okay. However, ‘A’ and ‘C’, I would like to throw in 2 more sets for each body part of some kind of finisher. Should I consider the ab work as part of the workout or ancillary. With abs considered I’m doing 15 sets total. Without abs I’m doing 10 sets. King sometimes seems too worried with overtraining and am wondering if this is the case with this here. On another note I have to make adjustments with my Poliqiun influenced workouts or I do get overtrained. Just wanted to question this King workout and see what others were doing with theirs. I know this is lengthy, but I’m hoping people can comment. Thanks in advance.

bump, please. I need answers before I continue with this routine.

It seems fine to me. Im no expert though. I would just remember to change it up every few weeks.

The abdominal musculature is a very important muscle group and should NOT be considered an ancillary. Therefore, train your abdominals with intensity just like you would your quads, chest, etc. and count your work sets into your total training volume.
With regards to your current program, based on your total sets and rep ranges, it looks like you are currently in a strength phase. Remember, as intensity increases, total volume should decrease. With that said, I believe your total # of sets you are performing should be more than enough. In 3-4 weeks, change your current routine.

Only you can determine whether or not you are overtraining. Analyze your recovery level when you add the additional sets. If you are coming back consistently stronger the next workout, your probably not overtraining. Your best bet would be to do 1-2 sets less the first week, then if you feel you can handle an additional set on your next workout day, do it. King always says though, when in doubt, do less.

DanB thanks for a thorough asessment. Anybody else?