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Modified German Body Comp workout program

I work out in a fairly busy gym and it’s nearly impossible to get a hold of two pieces of equipment at at time. I would like to use the German Body comp workout, but I can only get one piece of equipment at a time. How could I modify my workout within this limitation to get the benefits of the program?

Good question!-I’m sure a lot of other people are in the exact situation as you. I wrote an article a while back on this very subject and sent it to T.C. but I never heard anything back from him. Get creative and see how many different exercises you can do with a set of dumbells and then pick a couple and superset them until you’ve done a whole body workout. Here’s a short list just off the top of my head. (everything with dumbells)
Chest- flat, incline and decline flyes and presses.
Back & traps- one arm dumbell rows, 2 arm dumbell rows, dumbell pullovers, dumbell cleans, dumbell snatches, shrugs, behind the back shrugs, reverse flyes
Shoulders- standing presses, seated presses, laterals, bentover laterals, lying side laterals, incline side laterals, front raises
Biceps-hammer curls, alt. d.b curls, reverse dumbell curls,concentration curls, incline curls
Triceps-overhead extensions, kickbacks, dumbell skullcrushers, lying cross face extensions
Quads- Dumbell squats, dumbell lunges, step-ups, one legged squats, split squats
Hamstrings-Dumbell deadlift, dumbell stiff legged deadlift, lying dumbell leg curl (hold dumbell between your feet), King deadlifts
calves- standing calf raise on block, one legged calf raise, one legged hops
forearms-dumbell wrist curls, dumbell reverse wrist curls

I’m sure you can think of many more if you put your mind to it. Just pick several different exercises and put them together for your own customized GBC routine. Best of luck

If you plan it right, you can use the same weight db’s for the entire workout. You may need to adjust the tempo slightly but you will get results.

I have the same problem with the gym I work out at. You could try what the other fellas just mentioned or try this.
Alternate your upper and lower body movements but instead of supersetting just cut the rest periods in half.

Example do 4x15-20 of squats and rest 30-45 seconds between sets, then go do lets say Db bench press and do 4x10-12 with 15-30 seonds between sets. I have tried this and it is just as killer as the superset method

Thats the only downside to alot of the poliquin and king routines. They tend to have supersets and all but most gyms are not set up very well or are too busy to even try supersetting in a practical way, espec with some of the power programs with lots of rest between supersets.