Modified Fat Fast

So here we go again and this time it?s somewhat more extreme approach as for the choice of actual diet. However i?m going for a tveaked and modified version of the fat fast including some carbs ( less than 50 grams )on weight training days and i will also aim for a split between real food and shakes but still remain in the 1300-1500 kcal range! i?m also have some very low-carb veggies like spinach and broccoli in smaller amounts to get me some fiber going and i?m also adding some psyllium husk to my shakes. did start out today so i can?t say that much for the moment . but i?ll keep you posted w?th the progress as it follows. i?m shooting for for weeks . but i?ll be happy if i endure at least ?two full weeks. as for training wise i?m training with weights three times a week as followes: day 1:chest , shoulders , triceps , day 2 back , biceps , traps , day 3 legs , calves and abs . i?m also doing 30 min cardio after each session at approx. 120-130 bpm . after these two to four weeks i?m going to change to the T-dawg 2.0 with a smaller inrease of my carb intake at a slower pace , like adding some oatmeal in the morning and eat more ?veggies and some fruit during the day. so that?s about it ! regards bracke ! ps. i forgot to add that my rep and set scheme will be some kind of max-ot style with about 6 sets at 4-6 reps for compound movements and 4 sets for arms , shoulders and calves !

Good luck with achieving your goals. I’d only comment on the diet though. Since you’re throwing in about 50g carbs you might as well just start off with the T-Dawg diet. The fat fast is not designed to include any carbs. Maybe I’m wrong, but i’d imagine that even though it isn’t much, adding the 50g three times a week on training days takes away from the effectiveness of the diet. You’d probably be better off starting with a T-Dawg diet and staying on it the whole way through. It’ll probably help you keep a little more LBM and the diet would be easier to follow (in my opinion). Anyway, whatever you choose good luck!