Modified Colorado Experiment in Home Gym, Free Weights Only

Hello Dr. Darden, Greetings from India.

I have been trying out some of your HIT principles and have gotten really good results recently after being stuck on a plateau for more than a year.

I have put together a training routine of my own and would like to know your opinion on it.

I shall be trying out this routine from next week and shall train every 2 days i.e Monday, Thursday, Sunday and so on for a total of 6 weeks on this.

Do let me know what you think.

The Routine:

  1. Dumbbell Frenchpress
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives
  2. Barbell curl
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives
  3. Hammer Curl
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives
  4. Standing Overhead Press
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives
  5. Chin Ups
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives
  6. Dips
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives
  7. Romanian Deadlifts
    One set to Failure only ( No Negatives)
  8. Zercher Squats
    One set to Failure + 8 Negatives

The reason for not including any Cable work and swapping Zercher’s for normal Squats are that I shall be training at home and I am restricted to 80kilos of free weights and adjustable dumbbells with no Cable station.


I believe 8 negatives after most of the exercises is too many. I would recommend that you reduce them to 3 or 4.

And you might consider doing the Zercher Squats first, as opposed to last, on most of your workouts.

Thanks for the Reply. Shall do exactly the same as stated by you and report back in 3-4 weeks about the progress.

Also, would you recommend brisk walking on the non training days?.. Lets say 8-10k steps (Not done together though, like 3-4k in the morning and 4-5k in the evening and some after dinner. I read somewhere that it some way felicitates the recovery process and shall also burn some additional calories in the process ( around 300-350cals)


I’d skip the walking.