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Modified Chanko Diet


Hey everyone,

I got this off TC's Chanko diet and modified it a little bit so it can fit my daily schedule and needs. Do you think it's alright for building muscle?

Meal 1:
? 14 to 16 ounces skim milk
? 3 eggs (2 whole eggs, 1 egg white0
? 1 small handful of frozen fruit
? 2 fish oil capsules
? 2 cups large oatmeal with beef in it

Meal 2:
? 1 to 2 cups rice
? 4-6 ounces corn
? 1 can of tuna

Meal 3:
? 14 to 16 ounces of skim milk
? Protein source (bought from outside at uni)
? 2 fish oil capsules

Meal 4:
? Small snack-- fruits maybe

Meal 5:
? 1 to 2 cups rice
? 4-6 ounces corn
? Protein source
? 2 fish oil capsules

Meal 6:
? 14 to 16 ounces of skim milk with corn flakes

It's modified. The original article can be found here.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Is this a workout day? Non workout day? Between which meals are you working out?

I think you are overdoing corn.

Cornflakes :frowning:


This is a template for either a workout day or a non-workout day. I just eat more or less depending on whether I am training on that day.

I am either training between meal 2 and 3 or meal 3 and 4. What is a good pre-bed meal? I am a student on government loans with my family, I can't afford protein shakes on a long term basis...


Here's a foolproof way to know if your bulking diet will "work"

1) are you eating a calorie surplus?

2) are you eating at least 1g of protein per lb?

3) are you having carbs+protein before and after training.

4) are you gaining weight a weekly/biweekly basis.

if the answer to all of the above is "yes", then your bulking diet "works"

if the answer to any of the above is "no", then change it so it becomes "yes"


I'm just worried about food choices since everyone is always saying rice is bad haha. My family is Chinese, so we always have rice.


Your lack of veg/fruit is a concern.

I don't count corn as veg, I count it more as a carb source.

Cottage cheese at night, yougurt or milk is fine. You don't need extra carbs (cornflakes) at this time. I would cut out cornflakes altogether.


this is a myth. eating carbs at night will have no detrimental effect on body composition.


Yep, my family cooks a different vegetable every meal for lunch and dinner so I will have veggies too, I didn't write it though because it varies everyday.

I also snack on bananas and apples between the set meals there.




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I don't study medicine.

Perhaps you would care to explain what happens,when someone eats carbs at night, to cause MORE fat gain than if someone eats them at any other time of the day...

I look forward to your response.


What is a myth? That you don't need extra carbs at night?


the myth goes something like this: "Eating carbs after (X hour) will just get stored as bodyfat."

This is false. You can eat carbs durring any part of the day you wish as long as you reach your target calories/macros.


This is not what I wrote, I wrote you don't NEED EXTRA carbs at this time. This is clearly not a myth.

Let me make it more clear, what you said does not answer my question. What I wanted to know was which part of MY POST you was calling a myth.


The OP is trying to build muscle. To build muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus. Eliminating a source of calories (i.e. carbohydrates) that will facilitate the muscle building process is not conducive to muscle building.

If someone asks "hey, how should I eat to put on muscle?" you do not respond "don't eat (X)." that should be common sense.


This is not what I'm asking. You are saying somewhere in my post is a myth. What I said I stand by, if you disagree with me, let me know which part of what I wrote you disagree with.


if it makes you feel any better, forget I said the word "myth".

This is what I disagree witht: "you don't need extra carbs (cornflakes) at this time."

Why shouldn't he need extra carbs at the time? If anything, eating carbs then will minimize overnight catabolism by giving his body more energy before a 8-10 hour fast.

eliminating carbs before bed is not only unnecessary, it's outright detrimental to his goals.


JMoUCF87, I was under the impression that eating carbs causes blood glucose levels to increase 4-5 hrs after ingestion - hence the carb cutoff for DC and the idea behind temporal nutrition.

Now I realize that Thib's has said in the past to eat carbs before bed, but I thought that was when dieting (rather than what this guy is trying to do). So by eliminating carbs close to sleeping, you help minimize the inevitable fat gain that goes with building mass.


While it's true that blood glucose levels go up after eating carbs, elevating blood glucose doesn't necessarily mean your storing fat.

The real reason behind carb cutoffs is to keep people from eating a gallon of ice cream before they go to bed every night just because "I'm bulking."

For example, see what happens if you start drinking a quart of heavy cream every night before bed. No carbs sure, but you'll still get fat as fuck because your taking in a ton of calories.

calories cause fat gain, not carbs.

also, a good way to minimize fat gain while bulking is to not go hog wild and eat everything that isn't nailed down. Unfortunately, bulking diets require every bit of attention to detail as cutting diets wrt tacking calories.


I'm interested in that Thibs comment btw, care to link me? I know a lot of athletes are told to eat a ton of pasta the night before sleeping for max energy.

I think it's kind of interesting. I think JMO is right technically, but there might be some exceptions and certainly other ways to look at it

for example, centralizing carbs around training is really good, amd we generally want a lot of carbs around training- maybe way more than we thought.

In the case of a trainee who was lifting in the morning and on a somewhat limited carb plan for whatever reason (which may usually be flawed but forget it for the sake of the theoretical), they might want to take all excess carbs later in the day and stick them around their workout.

Or even if they were eating relatively higher carb but it was just super awesome to get more carbs around training and they were going for a recomp.

We know a lot of people do this successfully by limiting calories non-randomly and centralizing a fuckton around training, so it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility for a morning trainee.

I think this is where the "myth" comes from. It's not a matter of, do I eat this protein + fat+carbs meal instead of just protein+fat, it's, do I take those carbs and stick them earlier in the day. C

Now, I think the answer is likely, if you are already getting adequate carbs around your workout (which is a LOOOOOT for most people), then it doesn't matter or could even be detrimental. So eat your fucking apple and yogurt with that filet and go to bed you jerk!

I think it's also important re: your comment Trenchant, that just eating period is gonna elevate blood glucose for hours. On the other hand, the devils nectar (milk) has plenty of carbs and has a fairly minimal effect- in fact the protein causes a way bigger insulin spike than the lactase.

So even if you think that insulin is the devil and cannot be convinced otherwise, the carbs before sleeping thing won't make a difference if your overall plan is solid,if it fits your macros or w/e the fuck your body wants, and if you eat "clean" carbs then and were going to have a meal anyway.

See, now we can all be friends.

You have good reasons at heart JMO, but might want to learn some diplomacy if you really think it's worth the effort arguing here, unless you just love to fight with people