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Modified/Butchered 2x2x2


I wanted to keep my weight lifting to two days per week so I can focus more on conditioning and mobility work. And I really like doing front squats, close grip bench presses and power cleans. So I came up with this and was wondering what your thoughts are please?

Day One
Power Clean
Bench Press/Press (alternating) 5/3/1 reps
Front Squat BBB 5x5
Kroc Rows

Day Two
Power Clean
Back Squat/Deadlift (alternating) 5/3/1 reps
Close Grip Bench Press BBB 5x5
Kroc Rows

Not entirely certain what rep scheme I’d be using for power cleans, but probably FSL and/or SSL.

Thanks for reading.

You say BBB, but then say 5x5. That’s not BBB. BBB = 5x10.

You say “alternating” for bench/press. Does this mean only one each week? Or that you’d literally do 531 for both each week, and just alternate the sets?

Question: why not just do one of the programs as it’s laid out? Like Limited Time, Wendler Classic, or other 2/2/2-type programming?

In Beyond 5/3/1 there’s a BBB plan that goes from 5 x 10 to 5 x 5, 5 x 3 and then 5 x 1.

Alternating between each lift every week.

And I just really like doing front squats and power cleans. I couldn’t do either of those a year ago and I just want to keep practicing the skill so I don’t forget.

If 2x2x2 was your Original Plan, this is indeed butchered.

In reality it looks more like a Full Body template. I have seen templates where you can Power Clean twice a week. One day your work up to your TM for 3-5 reps. The next day is doing SSL for 3-5 sets of 3 reps. My thinking is it would probably be better to not work up to a TM on your Power Clean before doing your main Deadlift work so it would be better to put the TM work on Day One.

It looks like to me that you are also mixing and overlapping training cycles for different movements. I personally have never done this so I can’t speak to how it will work. In the end I imagine you will do what you want, but make sure to monitor how your body responds.

If you have Forever check out the Full Body Templates in there. You might be able to find a tested, tried, and true program that would work for you.

Yes and no, I’ll do what feels best but it’d be silly to seek advice, constructive criticism, etc and then ignore it. That’d just be wasting the internet’s time. I have 5/3/1 Forever and I know which plan you’re referring to. There’s a few of them with power cleans twice a week, but completely contrary to what I originally posted I’m sold on the idea of focusing on at most two big movements per session. I guess I could just do power cleans as a warm up to deadlifts and squats without hard programming them in.