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Modified Best of the Best Workout Video

11 minutes of tension give or take… note, there are pauses, but there was no more than a minute between exercises, probably closer to 30 seconds. On leg press and pullover, I may look like a good case for staying away from HIT… but I’m pretty happy with how I look on 40 degree chest, chins and dips… this morning’s I’m 168.4 at 6 feet tall, and InBody tool says I have 18.5 lbs of fat on my body and about 85 lbs of muscle. Water content is 110. In previous days, my muscle has show as high as 89.5 and fat as low at 15 lbs, but my water was at 115 lbs…

In 2008, I competed at 162.5 and came in third in men’s lightweight novice out of 8 competitors and first in masters out of 2 competitors… in 2009, I was at 167 and did not place, as my definition was not there…I will include a picture from 2008 below…

This was a bucket list thing, which I did about 18 months after having triple bypass surgery, with the goal of being in the best shape of my life by age 50


Very nice! Thanks for sharing !!

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Impressive! A role model to follow…


Very impressive…i better get my butt in gear if I want to look that good

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This is great! Thank you for sharing.
Is your training only HIT style?

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Yes for about 40 years now.

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Ricky, You look strikingly similar to a client featured on Mike Mentzer’s website…Photos and article are posted from 11/18/13…Is that you sir?..Respectfully, Steve

I’m not aware of being on that site. I’d be curious to have you share the link if possible.

Please and Thanks! :slight_smile:

Now, I realize this is a younger man (7 years ago), and he has dark hair, but facial and body structure are very similar…Respectfully, Steve…

AND, HIS GENIOUS EVEN MORE!!! – Posted 11/18/13
by Shanon Boutin, Personal Trainer and Heavy Duty Student - Quebec, CANADA

Shanon BoutinWell it’s been nearly three years since my last tribute and testimonial to Mike, Ray and their HEAVY DUTY™ training principles, but I have continued to try and spread the word around concerning Heavy Duty™ training and directing others to MikeMentzer.com

It’s the least I can do as a Personal Trainer and High Intensity student to help keep the legacy of Mike and Ray alive!!!

I’ve gone on to compete in two contest for the UFE “Ultimate Fitness Events” in 2012, where I placed 3rd in May of 2012, and all the while using Mike’s Consolidation Routine with four total exercises that used up only 20 minutes of my time with one set to failure, training once every 4 to 7 days I’m now using Mike’s Ideal Routine, training once every 6 to 7 days, sometimes a longer rest period, and still progressing on my reps and weight used. Following are some of my stats regarding my continued progress:

Leg Press from 240 lbs. to 540 lbs.
Seated Dumbbell Extension from 70 lbs. to 95 lbs.
Pec-Dec from 100 lbs. to 130 lbs.

Don’t despair, I encourage everybody and anybody to step up and take the challenge of trying Mike’s and Ray’s HEAVY DUTY™ training so they can see for themselves!

In closing, a special thanks to Joanne Sharkey for her continuing efforts and personal encouragement.

Shanon Boutin, Personal Trainer and Heavy Duty Student
Quebec, CANADA

Anyone else besides me think that guy could not do a 95 pound tri ext?

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That is not me. :slight_smile:

It isn’t the most flattering picture.
I’ve seen a back photo where he looks a lot better.

95 pounds would be impressive for sure

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I was thinking also that this was either a photo during transition from one pose to another or from a bad angle, or that perhaps he wasn’t really hitting his pose well… as for 95 lb triceps x, who knows if he’s referring to some kind of triceps machine that may be very relative and not comparable to a 95 lbs dumbell at all

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oops my bad, he did specify dumbell extension… yeah 95 would be impressive


Very nice workout. You’re in each machine a long time. You’re very lean. What is you’re average calorie intake.



I don’t know my exact calories but I have measured in the past, and I know I’m below 2500… I can lose weight at that or a little less. I am planning to increase slightly once I maintain this level of leanness a little longer. thanks for kind words