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Modified 5x5 for Bench?

I am having touble getting passed 205x5 benching, Can i add the modified 5x5 squat program but for benching into my normal routine, which is bill starrs intermediate 5x5.

Everything else would be the same, squat deads and bent row-5x5 but benching would go by the modified 5x5.


more info on current routine


No offense I say 5x5 is good , but for benching try this…Man Im a D1 football player and last year I could only bench 185 once. Now thanks to the program where I do 8 sets of 3…on the bench…My bench has shot up to doing 185 18 times, and doing 225 pounds 11 times…

try doing 225-245 pounds 8 sets of 3 and trust me your bench will go through the roof!!! I gurantee it…if you can do 205 for 5x5…you can do 225 8 sets of 3…