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Modified 3x5 Program, Is This OK?


Alright lads, ive been looking at a few different programs (strong lifts, starting strength, and madcows. Ive looked at the 3 of them for ideas and come up with a layout which I think will suit me best.

here it is:

Workout A Workout B

3x5 Trap Bar Deadlift 3x5 Shoulder Press
3x5 Bench Press 3x5 DB Rows
3x5 Pull-Ups

ill also mix in some of the following:
-Core Work.
-Forearms / grip training

ill explain why I chose that layout.

Ok, first off, i chose trap bar deadlifts (i know many don't like the lift) because their a good quad builder and they work the traps indirectly, which is good for me (mr.no traps). and im only gonna do that lift x2 a week, not x3 because i reckon it will wreck my knees. The bench press and overhead presses are a staple in any 3x5 program, so that's why their there.
and i've chosen rows and pull-ups because i enjoy those 2 movements, which i think are good movements. and just because i want to get better at pulling and rowing.

lastly, ill mix in Core work - Forearms/grip training - calves.
i think their beneficial areas which are often neglected. they don't take up much energy and they can really assist you in other lifts.

Also, i should probably mention that my goal is to gain some size and strength. i've chosen the 3x5 system because im bored of body part splits.

Thanks in advance for any reply's.


Does this mean you're only doing 3 sets of a compound leg lift once or twice per week? This is not enough. Add something like front squats to workout B, as well as at least one accessory leg lift during the week.


So you aren't doing squats or leg pressing at all, and you expect yourself to build a decent set of legs? This may be revolutionary, but you don't magically teleport from Florida to Montana, you have to drive a car.


Pick one of those programs and do it EXACTLY as written for a couple of months before making your own adjustments


thanks for the replys.

i was gonna do them x2 a week. i really cant see how someone could train legs x3 a week. i know thats the program, but it seem like your legs wouldnt have recovered from the previous workouts, and it will take its toll on your knees after a bit.


i can train legs (back squat) HARD 4 times a week. my internet penis is also bigger than yours




I never said there was anything wrong with training your legs 2x per week. That seems to be my preferred method as well; however, in a leg workout I'm doing 3-4 exercises. Example:

-Squats: 8x3
-Rack Pulls: 5x5
-Reverse Lunge: 3x8
-Glute Ham Raise/or some core work

I was pointing out that doing 2 exercises for your legs per week is not enough. If you're digging the TBT, try something like:

-2 lower body lifts
-2 upper body lifts
-1-2 core exercises

For one workout.


i get what you mean. i think il make some adjustments to my routine and add in x3sets of regular lunges, and do some hamstring curls aswell.
at first i probably wont be able to do x2 a weeks every week without fail. it will probably be every 5th day or something like that.

again, thanks for the reply.