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Modifications to Hard Body Training for Women

I’m referring to this workout: http://www.T-Nation.com/workouts/hard-body-training-for-women

(I searched through 6 pages of threads in this forum to see if anyone else had posted about this, and didn’t find anythingâ?¦ )

So, I’ve done a variety of full-body programs in the past, including NROL by Schuler & Cosgrove, as well as Strong Curves.

This program looks interesting for the upper-lower bodypart splits and the alternate strength/body pump days. If anything, it’s a nice way not to get bored and to challenge myself with movements that I’m still patterning.

However, I’d like to challenge the notion that women don’t care about pectoral work:
"…women do not have the same needs when it comes to building an aesthetic physique. For one thing, they don’t need to emphasize building the pectorals. Instead, they need more focus on the glutes. "

I’ve also seen this same philosophy espoused by Bret Contreras and it bothers me. As we lose weight, we lose it in the breasts and not everybody who is getting fit is going to spring for a boob job. Hence, building up the pecs for many of us is cheaper, safer and a more desirable plan.

As well, I think women can have well developed pectorals and it’s still attractive and flattering. I’d love to see a modification to this program that incorporates more pec work. It seems like most of the pushing movements in the upper body tend to be focused on over-head presses, which are fine, but I also fear that too much emphasis in one plane will lead to long-term shoulder dysfunction.

I’m sure I can imagine a modification to upper body days that incorporate more bench/chest pressing, but I’d like program writers to be aware that women want pecs too. An informal survey in a private lifting group definitely revealed other women who feel similarly.

As for "guys don’t need to work as much on glutes"â?¦ I also disagree. I think more guys could stand to build up their butts. Ain’t nothing wrong with a nice butt on a man.