Modifications for Dislocated Shoulder?

I’ve been doing 531 on Squat, Deadlift, OHP, and weighted pull-ups - not bench because of shoulder pain - and a modified version of 531 (using singles) on Cleans and Snatches. Made good progress on all lifts jumping 15-20% in last year, hitting around 10 reps on squat at 345, 5-7 on dead at 445, 5-7 on clean at 265, 5-7 snatch at 185, 6-7 OHP at 185. Not massive numbers, but not bad for a tall guy who took all of 2014 off due to a torn patellar tendon.

Dislocated my shoulder pretty badly yesterday during a minor seizure (have mild epilepsy, so these happen occasionally and are not fun).

This is second time it’s happened in last few months, and shoulder currently feels like I may not be able to do any of above, besides safety bar squats. Maybe deadlift, will see how it feels holding a bar.

Curious if anyone has ideas on work-arounds? Squat 3x, or squat and deadlift 3x per week and then alternate days due rehab and light accessory work on arms and shoulders and core?

If I did the squat and dead 3x per week, could I go through the entire 531 cycle faster? Could I do a full cycle every 2 weeks? Or just keep it as normally planned, and have 1 531 day, 1 volume day, and 1 speed day?

  1. Get better

  2. Do what doesn’t hurt.

In that order.