Modes of cardio

Just wondering if there is a big difference in the effectiveness of different forms of cardio, ie. if i used 70% of Max HR on the upright bike for 30min, would that be equally as effective as using the treadmill at the same heart rate and same duration? Thanks.

You didn’t mention what your goals are for doing cardio. In my experience, no machine beats plain old running, for overall conditioning and fat loss.

fat loss…

Jogging/Sprinting is the most effective form of cardio; you consume more oxygen and thus burn more calories.

When running and cycling your exertion is different when your HR is the same.

165bpm running is a lot different from 165bpm cycling.

Plus cycling is easier on the knees if u set the saddle at the right height.

When I was training for tri’s my MHR(max heart rate) was alot higher then my cycling MHR

No, the heart rate zones are different depending on what you do (bike, stairs, run), don’t ask me exactly what the difference is (whether the zones move up or down) but I know I’ve heard many times the zones change.

I personally did my Meltdown Training intervals on stairmaster, that worked great for me.

See my article at t-mag for cardio thhat actually works and gets the job done. Not for thhe faint of heart. The artcle is called “High Octane Cardio.” Here is a link:

yes they are the same if you are using the same intensity. Just that people prefer one over the other. But if you are using 70% of your max heart rate on either machine you are bascilly using the same intensty. Although getting to 70% of your max heart rate is much easier or faster on a treadmill or running then on the bike.

But, if you are doing 70% of your max heart rate on the bike you are acomplishing your goals if that is what you are trying to do.

the before mentioned exercises have nothing on high repetition kettle bells and that is the bottomline. I highly recommend looking into these if you think you can handle it, they are no joke!

Given the same amount of time and relative intensity (i.e. % of HRR), you’ll burn more calories in a weight-bearing mode of aerobics (i.e. running).

If your goal is fat loss I would recommend Sprinting intervals. try out Christians Running Man thread in Liar of the Ice Dog.