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Modern Warfare 2 Montage


So i put some random game clips together. Nothing to epic but should be pretty fun for you guys. Tell me what you think.


Honestly i've never been impressed by the idea of a montage. Because, if you play a game long enough, you are bound to do something impressive, even if it is only by accident.


Thanks a lot, Debbie Downer.

But as for the montage....shrugs Do like other kids your age and post it on youtube. That way you can get a internet following for doing absolutely nothing constructive.



this is 4 days of footage


And you called me a debbie downer... BACK IN MY DAY WE DIDN"T HAVE THE INTERNETS.


Well in that case.. J/k. That 7 man kill streak was pretty good. Then again I haven't play much MW, so i'm sure you could kick my ass either way.

Call of Duty 2 is my domain.


Agreed, nothing too epic. I wish FRAPS didn't lag down mw2 on pc otherwise I'd have some shit that just seems silly to make a montage out of.


Got some cool stuff in there. I used to play some CoD2 in TWL but haven't upgraded my computer since then, so MW2 runs at FPS way too to do anything like this.


im using vegas 9 pro to edit. but i dont know much about it. i wanted to make an intro for it but i am getting lost


I loved cod4 but mw2 never got me. I played it for a couple days and didn't feel like i spent my money wisely.. if i could return it I would.


This is almost as cool as a Gigli montage.



Not bad. I have good days and bad days lawl. Ive won 5 games in a row and come in last 5 times in a row the next day. I like to play around alot but when I get rolling its pretty sweet.I generally use an "assassin" setup..marathon,lightweight and w/e increase knife range is with tactical knife, i havent played in about two weeks haha. Think my best match was nothing but knifing and killstreaks. 7,9,7 killstreaks ended up 23-1-3. Knifing can be fuckin awesome lol. I especially love playing Dust with noobs because they don't know what to do when they see me coming. Ive killed 4 people standing all in a group (facing me) lol.


This was probably my most epic game. Note the overall score, 30-31, was just over a minute into the game.

edit: BTW, I'm Steel online, my last name. Always seems to be taken on websites by guys who never post though, shits annoying.


I tried the game when it was "gifted" on Steam. I really liked it, but it is hard to combine with training and a medicine education. Nice montage :slight_smile:


Here's my .02

You need to get out more :wink:


Some mad no scope/quick scope skillz. I've never gotten the hang of it myself as a sniper. I generally go with the M21 use it as a glorified assault rifle.

M16/L86/SPAS12 ftw


thanks for the feed back my gamer tag is Mr Haggle hit me up if you are on