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modern trends in strength training?

hi, i was wondering if poliquins book, modern trends in strength training, was worth pickin up.
i placed an order yesterday [but am not committed to buy], and at $30.00, it had better be worth it.
i was hoping i could get some insight on it, or any great strength training book at that.
thanks, flash

your better of getting poliquin’s principles.

I disagree, I think Modern Trends is the superior text.

I have all of Poliquin’s books. I think they are all great. Modern Trends is awesome. I think it’s definately a must have for your library.

i dont know how modern trends can be superior if poliquins principles contains all of the modern trends info and then some.

Modern trends is good to have as a reference, but if you look hard enough you can find most of his set and rep schemes on T-mag, you have to do a lil more peaceing together because they aren’t quite as in depth. But if you got 30 bucks to spare, its a good pick up.

does poliquins principles really contain everything +? if so i agree.
my goals are to be as strong as humanly possible, with a “muscle side-effect.”
also [ sorry for the questions]are there anyother must haves, irregardless of author?
thanks, flash

oh yeah, thanks for the responses.

P-Dog, Modern Trends focuses mainly on relative strength development with programs specifically designed for maximal weights. Poliquin Principles is more of a general text with focus on bodybuilding methods–most of which were covered in T-Mag already. Either way, you will be spending a good deal of money on a small amount of expensive, but worthy information.


Sure…you can say that now…after you’ve my entire library. :slight_smile:

Its very good info. There’s just not much of it.

  1. Supertraining
  2. Science & Practice of Strength Training
  3. Weightlifting Encyclopedia

…are some of the best.

so blow the two poliquin books off, and go for something like supertraining? money is a BIG issue right now, and i want to get the most bang for my buck, so to speak.

Supertraining isn’t a very practical book, it’s mostly studies and research which will help flesh your knowledge to understand the why’s and how’s.