Modern Monetary Theory: A Primer

And I would bet any money that the union bosses are bought off by the corporate owners.

Better than being the most gullible.

Then the unions are pointless by your logic.

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You’re the most gullible person here.

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How do you define routine? Is it okay for that to ever happen?

Did I use the word ALL or EVERY? No. So I have something for you, just a bit of advice.

On a regular basis. As in, this is an ongoing issue not a one-off situation.

In corporate America, no, probably not.

Nope just following your (shitty) logic through.

You are attempting to play semantics and it just makes you look dumber.

Also you should post it note that meme to your device and heed its warning anytime you believe you are dropping any sort of knowledge.

Again, what is your field of expertise? What degree do you have (since you said you graduated college)? Why should we trust your ability to interpret data?

Now that is funny.

Borrowing a little Rudyard Kipling: “Oh, Castoli is Castoli and expertise is expertise, and never the twain shall meet.”


So all union bosses are bought off? Is that what you are saying? Because that is NOT what I’m saying and YOU know it. So it is your logic that is faulty.

But it does happen, at least at Amazon. So what should be done to a corporation who has no problem that some of their workers have to complete their task like a fucking animal?

Maybe not all bought off but at least 99% of them are motivated by greed which is essentially the same thing, not concern for their fellow worker (as is the case with most humans - we are all motivated by greed, it’s inherent in human nature).

All union bosses are bought off, if you dont think so then your head is in the sand

Just like all politicians have a price…same as the union bosses

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A) We have labor laws. If Amazon is in violation of the law the employee should sue.
B) There are 12m open jobs…

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They are all run by big money and power.

This hasn’t changed in humanity since… forever.

Might and wealth make right - anything else is just drivel and misdirection.

Just more reason to form a worker co-op.

!.) Are labor laws broken? Being enforced?
2.) What do those jobs pay?

Yes, but not the way you think.

Google is free

If you can do this, you can also just start your own business with some partners.

No difference really.

What do you know with you law degree and multiple businesses?

You rube!