Modern Monetary Theory: A Primer

Be fair, you know he votes. He’s a card carrying member of the Free Shit Army.

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Nah, I bet he’s too lazy to go to the polls and thinks it’s a waste anyway.

The more local the voting the more it means, typically speaking.

I vote all the time but have no illusion about the effectiveness of electoral politics.

Yes it is, fundamentally so. I’m glad to see your highlighting your own ignorance. Another person who desperately needs deprogramming.

Never said this, if you were paying attention.

Wow what an intelligent breakdown.

As opposed to what type of politics?

Genuinely shocked. At least you participate in the process.

I guess we’ve move on from bankruptcy…

The politics of the people. Local elections are more effective than politics on a national level.

Y/our opinion. How well does the Presidential elections seem to you?

So, you would want to do away with the electoral college?

The presidential elections are shitshows as are all federal level elections. You have too many idiots voting and the only candidates we get are the ones bought and paid for. Pretty sure we have agreed on this.

I don’t think going to a popular vote will help that and will only make it worse.


We’d end up with Logan Paul or something equally as absurd. Not that most Presidents are any better.

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True. And that is why local voting is more effective.

I think people are beginning to wake up and the effectiveness of the mainstream propaganda is not working as well. Alternative media is rising in popularity as the mainstream is starting to wane. All good signs.

The reason they started the whole “macroeconomics” topic, despite the laws of microeconomics being equally applicable, was for clowns like you to pretend the State had a magic wand to be the panacea to all economic issues. MMT’s foundation is that debt demand is infinite you uninformed drink pouring clown. The joke theory thinks there is no problem with perpetual increases in sovereign debt so long as it’s denominated in a currency the issuer can print; this is exactly what MMT is saying. The theory for mentally handicapped 4 year olds is conflating mediums of exchange with demand, which is not increased with monetary expansion.

MMT must, for this reason, assume that the demand curve for sovereign debt is flat (totally inelastic) as they see no consequence for uncapped sovereign debt issuance.

Keep on making an ass of yourself, then scratch your head as to why nobody pays you to think. Enjoy the long weekend.


Yes, please put the government in charge of healthcare…

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Are we at our productive capacity?

And of course no one that I know says this but you’ve got to mischaracterize it to buoy your argument

Which means they control via bribery. Are you denying this? They sometimes write the fucking laws you imbecile. All part of our glorious economic system.

Well it does keep medical choice away from them all for more profit. Your freedom of choice in this country stops as soon as it interferes with profit.

Not when it comes to medical choice. They are left with whatever makes pharma/medical system more profit.


If you can understand English it does.

Ahhh… no. I suppose you haven’t understood anything I’ve said.

Yes they want to control them, so they can make more profit.

Bwahahaha…are the rulings sufficient enough to act as a deterrent?

Yes I have, plenty. But you can’t accept evidence that flies in your face of indoctrination. You still believe the U.S. “healthcare” system is something to be emulated. It’s just that the vast majority of the world doesn’t.

What we have is the outcome of capitalism. It’s internal contradictions are being borne out.

Where does Big Pharma get most of it’s seed money? They are not needed.

And so are all the right-wing nut-jobs on this forum.

Bwahahaha Gawd do you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself?

Then why do you reside in the U.S.?

It is. And the marriage of corporations and the government is more akin to fascism not socialism D-bag.

I help friends and neighbors financially and in other ways. I donate my time to a food bank and animal shelter.

You need to be checked. You may be mildly retarded. Ask the families who gone through BK and see how they feel about it.

So you know how I feel.

Yeah, it’s just that coops do just as good and even better sometimes than corporations. The Mondragon in Spain is there 7th largest business tin the country. Are they not competing?

I’m not surprised as you have allergy to the truth based on your posting history.

Yep as you just swallow up the daily bombardment of propaganda. Kudos to you.

And who says debt-demand is infinite?

No you haven’t.

No, but it does expand the fiscal landscape, you clown!

How would this be achieved without burning through limited resources at a more unnatural rate than humanity already is?

Articulate exactly what this false demand would do in terms of benefits, while also looking at the long term consequences of even more rampant overconsumption.

For example: if demand for a good reliant on fossil fuels (anything made of most plastics) is currently X, the US currently produces X + S where S is the surplus that just sits on shelves in warehouses. For the given rate of X + S there is finite amount of time those resources will last. Now if I increase that demand by say Fd (False demand % ) I now have resource consumption of (X+S)(1 + Fd) which shortens the length of time I can continue to produce said resource proportionally with Fd.

Not to mention folks like you (a day trader) would have to get off their ass and actually contribute to maximize production and then you would have to :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: work for a boss

Not interested in short term gain if my kids get screwed. Not surprised you don’t think past your own nose though since you don’t have kids or mathematical ability.

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