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Modern Life and Test Levels


Even more interesting than the article are the comments from the readers...


Yep. We're men. We're fucked.

Just do the best we can.


Few months ago I wrote a blog entry about men and the current century. I talked about this and I found some studies of 1940 t-levels compared to now and the difference was huge.

The thing is, are men becoming less manly due to low t-levels or t-levels are getting lower because society is pushing a less manly behaviour?


LOL wow.

Yeah, this research does not surprise me at all. How could it. We've been saying the exact same thing here only to be told that guys dressing like women is just a fad and that this whole movement to look as little like a grown man as possible could mean more than just a trend.

Men have less testosterone today.

You could guess that by the whining on this site alone.

Also, 60% of the men in this country having gyno should have been a super red flag many years back.


Both. My career field is dominated by women...and I have written about the effects of that here often...usually only to be told that I am just seeing things.

Acting in ways that are traditionally masculine has been degraded so much that now the response is, "well, maybe there is no such thing as acting like a man"...as if sexual organs are just there for looks.


...and just to expand the discussion...I'm a guy who doesn't like girly things. I don't sit and gossip. I don't talk about the way people are dressed unless it is just something ridiculous. I can be aggressive. I can be quick to respond physically if challenged. These traits used to be seen as "masculine"...but are now seen as problems that needs to be erased from society.


Yes, exactly.

I've had this discussion with many people during this year since it was when I started to realize.
If a man is assertive to a woman, you can get in troubles. It's ridiculous. We're talking about being assertive, not demeaning, insulting, aggressive, etc. just assertive.

In Spain is getting to a point where men are brainwashed to think that women should be on charge because they make no mistakes, they are the new overlords (overladies?) and men should shut up and obey.

Some of my friends actually think like that. And I somewhat did too...but I woke up.


By the way, "in before women get inside and start calling us mysoginists".

I already have three candidates for it.


That's why I keep saying everyone should be on steroids.


Can you actually imagine if in two years, men need to take t-shots or resign, sit and watch Oprah's show?


That is an interesting point.

People and men today are taught that masculine is a dirty word. Women expect men to "get in touch with their feminine side" without any reciprocity.

Masculinity is as natural, hearty, wholesome, worthy and good as femininity. Yet, it is politically correct for men to look and act like women. And politically incorrect for a man to be a man.

Look at movies, masculinity is normally a punch line. Masculinity is stupid, uncaring, and consists mainly of fart jokes and getting mentally whipped by women.


It's the same here. I have friends who changed completely once they got hooked up. Suddenly, it is like they don't think for themselves anymore. Things are out of balance right now. You can't even discuss getting testosterone replacement with most doctors....while they will basically hand it out to women like lollipops.

Whether you blame the feminists movement or men themselves for allowing shit to get this out of hand, but I really don't see this continuing unless the goal is to literally have women walking around with penises.


For real. Being a man has been reduced to nut scratching. It doesn't mean strength anymore because women will claim they are strong as well. This is why you have 140lbs female fire fighters who can't carry someone out of a building by themselves.


Do they lift by any chance? I'm inclined to think that they don't.
Almost all my Spanish friends are in relationships and they are totally pussy whipped. One came to visit me last year with his girlfriend and I had a talk with him about this. His final argument was "Yeah, but this way she's happy so I'm happy too". Can't argue against that...no chance.


That would stand in the way of me using the excuse "but I'm drug-free" whenever I fail. I can't have that!


I have friends who go to the gym, but they are the type who think that running is going to help them lose more weight than lifting....so they run a lot...and while they have lost fat, much of any lean body mass they had went with it...so they tend to mostly look "smaller" rather than leaner.

I have very few friends into bodybuilding to the degree I am. I know a lot of people IN the gym like me, but they are mostly people I only speak to when I'm there and not really hang with.

The average male today may go to a gym, but they don't push like people did even 10-15 years ago. Getting big muscles is now seen as unwanted (even though this is noticeably changing lately). The women folk may get scared.


You sound like a Catholic, better watch out.


So, in short, your non-manly friends don't lift heavy weights.

So it really seems that, because of testosterone and other factors, muscles make a man.


One of my older male students wrote a paper about this. There have been some academics write on this as well. I can dig up the article if anyone is interested, but one researcher looking at Western (mainly US) television, came up with FOUR major types of female characters on TV while men only had TWO - sleavy sex driven best or effeminate Dad. It's not even manly know to be a dad.


LOL. Didn't know this was a catholic argument.

I just want to be able to be myself in public without people acting like any sign of even the slightest bit of being upset is now socially unacceptable.

People are more passive aggressive now...which is not better. It just plays more games because people are sue happy.

Lawyers have no gripes about defending the whiniest people in society....therefore, the whiniest people set the standards.