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Modern Day Pharma Protocol? SARMs


I was just wondering your opinions on SARMs rather than the usually methods of test/tren as a more modern bulking method. I’m just considering it in an ‘academic’ manner rather than a ‘this is what im gonna try’ way.

But basically, SARMs would produce effects of testosterone without being androgenic, and without being converted to an oestrogen so without those effects.

So the protocol would be:
M LGD-4033 5mg Arimidex 0.5mg
T LGD-4033 5mg
W LGD-4033 5mg Arimidex 0.5mg
T LGD-4033 5mg
F LGD-4033 5mg
S GnRH agonist (synarel spray? unknown dose)
S GnRH agonist (synarel spray? unknown dose)

So the LGD is a SARM and is anabolic. There’s diminishing effects above 5mg, and there is a negative linear effect on natural testosterone production (because LGD still works on the androgen receptor) but not enough to counteract the effect of LGD, so it seemed like 5mg was a decent starting point.

Because of the reduction in testosterone and that oestrogen is made through interconversion with testosterone, the arimidex (if 0.25mg is possible then that would be better, basically whatever the smallest amount a tablet can be cut into) would have a stabilising effect on the testosterone fall, as the body tries to make more oestrogen it may increase the testosterone production, counteracting its fall

The GnRH agonist would increase LH and FSH suddenly as it’s short acting and not taken for long enough to produce a downregulation at the testes but there should be a short burst in testosterone production as a result

There should be no PCT except tapering as all the effects are reversible

In theory all these combined should dramatically reduce the risk of hypogonadism, infertility, gynaecomastia, low libido and joint pain while having a good anabolic effect.

I just wanted to know your opinion on it. I’m not averse to any biochemistry you have, or being told it wont work for x/y/z reasons.
And i know some of you will be like whats the point just use test, but I’m looking at this academically, and what’s the harm in having this kind of knowledge for the future


Anything worth taking once you are at an advanced level is going to shut you down. Why? Because once you are at this point, you are attempting to attain something you are unable to, or will take years to do naturally. Understand this and common sense will tell you there should be no need to put anymore thought into this subject.


Except the idea wasnt to stop someone from shutting down, but to produce anabolic effects (above the natural effect produced in the body) while limiting side effects, reducing the risk of hormonal problems, and more safely agonising the androgen receptor

It’s nothing to do with stopping anything completely, but reducing the associated risks of steroid usage


I see you lack common sense.

  1. If you are at a level that warrants the need for anabolic aids to make progress, these will not suffice. Anything effective will shut you down.

  2. If you are not, spend your money on creatine and steaks instead.


funny guy but you don’t seem to have any understanding of the body at a micro level. This is a different game to using test where you can use other people’s experiences to guide you.

  1. why? at your highest natural peak you will have had a constant level of testosterone (maybe a little increased) throughout your training career. Testosterone injectables that put you above that will negative feedback to your testes and progressively shut them down. SARMs have less of a negative feedback effect while producing the same anabolic effect. So you wouldn’t shut down as quickly, and due to the significantly decreased extra effects that wouldve come with testosterone and its metabolites you may be able to further reduce, or stabilise the decrease. The cycle clearly takes into account the inhibition at the testes as a result of androgen receptor agonism.

  2. A huge number of people use steroids before their peak for a arge number of reasons. They’re rightly told to keep their distance, especially before they reach their natural hormonal balance. If there is a safer way for these people, especially young people, to do what they would’ve done unsafely anyway, then why shouldnt it be discussed


Actually, i do. I just don’t feel the need to discuss this with you because of your distinct lack of common sense. I also do not think you know what you are talking about.


“A lie told often enough becomes the truth”

ok mate, maybe the next person to comment will have something intelligent to say


Now I do not think you are very sane. Hence, my deepest apologies for my insensitivity.


probably couldve guessed it’d be you replying again, so clearly i set my hopes too high…


OMG you’ve completely revolutionised the way the world will look at PEDs.

SARMs are for poofs.


i don’t know why the fuck people think SARMs don’t suppress the HPTA, because they do. the companies that make them have clinical data showing that they do… and with LGD4033, that is with the dose of 1 mg/day, not 5 mg/day.

also, taking the weekends off of LGD is also pointless, since the half-life is like 36 hours…


na but this dude’s taking an AI with them, so he’s all good! haha