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Modern Bodybuilders

The state of bodybuilding gets discussed a fair bit here. I’d be interested in your perspective about today’s bodybuilders. Particularly, their size, conditioning and aesthetics.

Also how do you see someone like Phil Heath stacking up against greats of the past?

It’s difficult to be critical of Phil Heath. He’s thick, massive, and contest shredded. He’ll probably make a comeback and win the Mr. Olympia in 2020. Other bodybuilders in today’s top 10 are built a lot like Phil. And maybe that’s the problem.

Today, there’s seldom a standout physique who really commands attention. Plus, these guys don’t look approachable.

For example, Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates would welcome you for a chat or visit. Sergio Oliva was a hoot in person. He would laugh with you and enjoy a hamburger or two.

Lee Haney always had a smile on his face. Arnold and Franco were fun to be around. Steve Reeves would roll up his pant leg and contract his giant calf.

You just don’t get the feeling that the current group of Mr. Olympia contenders would welcome the T-Nation readers. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so.

What’s your opinion?

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The problem I have with all the current guys is the distended gut. Obviously it’s from too much of everything they use including the ridiculous amounts of food consumed that I must stretch the stomach to some extent .

I like Phil also and never understood what the fans problem was with him … but for me the distended midsection - on all of them - kills it.

For the record , last year I would have given the Olympia to Chopin.

What’s your opinion on the stomach issue … do you think it can be corrected ?

Evidently, use of certain drugs – such as growth hormone – cause the internal organs to enlarge. So a lot of the midsection distortion is from an enlarged liver, spleen, as well as the stomach.

I am not familiar with corrective procedures.