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Moderators - T-Mag Shirts like Under Armour?????


Just wondering if you guys will ever release a t-shirt that wicks away sweat like Under Armour. I think it would be a great idea.


Post co-signed.


I would like that very much, and if you made both a loose fitting long sleeve and a short sleeve version I would buy both.


I'm not feeling the tribal "T" - maybe a different design alternative?


I would like to have beanies/mesh caps, cargo style pants/sweats, and a zip up pullover.

also, the logo change would be good too


Yea I'm going to go ahead and agree with that also. Maybe an old english T? Whatever it is I am down for something new.


This is win too.


I concur. A few years ago I stopped buying cotton t-shirts, underwear, etc. The moisture-wicking synthetics are far superior in performance.

...plus they last forever.


My crystal ball says "maybe."

Seriously though, this isn't something in which the mods would be involved.


What the hell's wrong with you guys? The 'T' symbol looks great.




Spiralled would be good also.


t muscle jock strap plz kthx. microfiber obviously


X 2

I like the tribal symbol - it's bad ass.


If a sweatshirt is a zip up wouldn't that make it not a pull over? but thats not really the point....

The "loose gear" style UA shirt would be sick. Also I think some fitted hats would be legit... and I've gotta second or third or whatever it is a possible new logo.

I'm sure there are some creative ass people on this website and you guys could put up a contest to "re-design the T-Muscle Logo" I bet you would get some bad ass design ideas and then give the winner like a few t-shirts for their design... probably get a lot of interest and some great publicity for some new gear... just my .02



The tribal symbol was bad ass 12 years ago when they started T-Nation - today it's pretty gay. And this is coming from someone with a tribal tattoo on his back.

At least I didn't get an armband.


That is sorta what I was trying to point out...


I must have hit the "space" key instead of "/" key which would indicate "or". Didn't follow the pattern, huh?


No, but I would like a zipup hoodie


Basically you should just come out with a full line of goods like EFS did, so I can pimp both of my favorite companies in the gym on the daily.