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Moderate cut and cheating

If going with a moderate approach, I think it’s optimal to go with a ketogenic diet with the addition of a non-androgen anabolic agent(s) such as Methoxy-7 and Tribex or EAS EcdyMax HP and Tribex at 2 caps a day. If you are a female who can’t use androgens, just use Methoxy. With a keto diet glycogen stores will be depleted and the chances of carbs being stored as fat are slim to none. Check out these references that support this:

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A single cheat meal (some fat is okay, but don't overdo it) followed by a continued CHO refeed every fourth evening should work for most. The refeed will last for 3-5 hours after your cheat meal and should be equal to 1/2 your maintenance calorie intake, or triple that of a maintenance meal (same thing). So if maintenance for you is 3000, then the refeed would be 1500 calories. The macro breakdown for the refeed should be 75% carbs, 20% protein, and minimal fat. Basically, fat intake will be whatever you can't avoid; a few grams here and there. Food like cereal, pretzels, low-fat graham crackers, low-fat pop tarts, bagels, pasta, nonfat ice cream or nonfat frozen yogurt, sorbet, and hard candy are all fine choices. Just be sure to do about 30 mins of moderate cardio the morning after the cheat/refeed. The every 4th evening protocol is a guideline, but experiment and see what works best for you. This approach may work well for someone severe dieting with androgens also.

Just wanted to add that I’d give the keto diet a week or 2 before the first cheat. Because we’re talking moderate cal restrictions; you’ll adapt slower.