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Moderate Carb Breakfast Anyone?

Hey Everyone,

I’ve ate eggs, cereal, or oatmeal for breakfast since I was little(maybe some cinnamon toast). Oatmeal and cereal are now out because I’m on the T-dawg diet(lower carb)…

Not to mention that for a couple of weeks I’ve ate eggs about 5 times and they make want to not have them in my mouth anymore, or any orifice for that matter.

So, I kinda need some moderate carb breakfast ideas. I was leaning toward smoothies, but I don’t want to fall over so…

A lot of time people will get stuck on having “breakfast” food first thing in the morning. I had some leftover ground beef with vegetables and fish oil yesterday. Eggs are the usual suspect for me in the morning because they are easy to cook but they aren’t the only option.

I am probably going to catch hell from someone saying “shut up bout your holy shake already”, but I am so enamored of it and find this to be the perfect opportunity to rave about it once again.

Metabolic Drive Complete has a compliment of good carbs and fiber as it’s a more of a meal replacement then the low-carb version is. Two to three scoops of this combined with fruit such as apples or banana chopped up and maybe some frozen broccoli and or blueberries yields a good amount of breakfast calories, protein, carbs, fiber, and with your Flameout healthy fats.

That is my breakfast and it gives me more then adequate fuel for my workout two hours later. Ready in five minutes and I drink my breakfast while on the road. I think anyone looking for a healthy breakfast alternative for those on the go and pressed for time should try this.

Take care,