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Model for Getting In Shape Fast


This is perhaps a qustion that also could have been posted in t he Supplements and Nutrition Forum. When you need both parts to make it work best!

So the question, to you all out there - I know there is plenty knowledgeble trainers and coaches who contributes to T-Nation, this is youure chanse to prove your salt..., how do You do to get a person in shape if you just have two - three weeks on you? And I meen visual fit foremost!


Tell the idiot that instant gratification has no place in body building


Give them lots of Crystal Meth, Speed, and Crack. Make them work out 20 hours a day. Put them through lots of liposuction. Then beat yourself in the head with a hammer, because the goal you posted is not even remotely attainable.

In two weeks, you should be able to get someone to drop a few pounds of fat. You might be able to increase their strength a couple of percentage points.

Take a look at DaFreak's pictures in Physique & Performance photos. In three weeks, he went from ripped to somewhat more ripped. But he was starting from a low body-fat percentage, had a flawless diet, an intense workout regimen, CT helping him out, dedication, and is a Freak.

For any "normal" person, 2-3 MONTHS is barely enough time to do anything substantial.


Have you read the "I'm Surrounded By Idiots" thread yet?


You gotta be F***ING kidding!!!

You've been registered on this board for two weeks and you're asking internationally recognized trainers with centuries of collective training wisdom how to get YOU in shape in two weeks???

I would say surgery would be your best best. Lots of lipo combined with strategic implants.

If you've got twelve weeks, I'd start with Alessi's Hollywood Microcycle. I think he designed it with people like you in mind:


Also, if you have a GF maybe she'd like to ask how she can go from looking like Popeye's GF Olive Oil to Pamala Anderson it two or so weeks.


It's a training forum not a magic wand.
That said Vinces Gironda used a circuit program called the steel worker program to get actors into quick shape, the program was done twice a day if I remember correctly.

The circuits were increased every day staring with one circuit on day one and encreasing over the first five days then doing the full set on day 6 onwards.

But you have to remember it was used on already lean actor who just had to buff up a little and if you've never worked out you a small increase in muscles in a relativly short time but no way can someone go from Chris Farley to Bruce Lee in a couple of weeks,it's just not humanly possible.


Poor guy, an innocent question and you got blasted to high heaven for it. The problem is one's definition of "in shape." I think if you had worded it as "the best possible shape I can attain in two weeks" you would't have gotten as much negative feedback.

Having said that, I'm guessing your primary goal in this short amount of time is to drop bodyfat percentage. There is no magic bullet, but I'd say that almost any workout program that leaves you sweating, heaving, seeing stars, and slightly nauseous when you're finished will do the trick.

I'm a huge proponent of lactic-acid training for this purpose. But that's only a small fraction of the equation. What you do in the kitchen is crucial if you want to see some rapid changes. Drop calories, lots of cold water fish (high in omega-3's), flax, complex whole grain carbohydrates (oat groats, quinoa, garbanzo beans are among the best examples of this category), water water water, and green tea.

Make sure to get around 8 hours of sleep, as this is also a major part of the fat burning process. Good luck, work hard, and keep up with it after the two weeks are finished, because only then will you see the gains you are interested in.

edit: and the days you aren't in the gym, 400 meter sprints. As much as they suck, I can't even begin to describe how effective they are.


It sadens me to see that there are so many idiots posting here! I believed the ones here where on top of things, but clearly not all of you! The only thing they are capable of is showing there insufficient in reading and understanding texts. So next time before you let out your neandertal growl, please ask if you don't understand what someone means!

Of coures it relates to how to get in best possible shape in a short amount of time, and to specify more if you know are at around 12-13% bodyfat.

No it's not for me. I just wanted to see if anyone out there had somekind of tips that works!?

Please feel free to bash again, It gives me a laugh to se how people takes their valeuble time for that...


I'm not a knowledgeble trainer or coach and my contributions to this forum are dubius at best and I sure as shit don't care about 'proving my salt'...

but I'm going to post anyways because I feel like it...

what do you mean by 'in shape'? what do you mean by 'visual fit'? 'in shape' and 'visual fit' mean different things to different people...

if a fat-as-hell lardass asked me how to get in 'visual fit' condition in two to three weeks then I would reply that unless they want to go the intensive surgery route they're shit out of luck...

if a person that was 12% body fat and an amateur athlete asked my how to get 'visual fit' in two to three weeks I would still need to know what they meant by 'visual fit'...

do they mean elite level bodybuilder in competition phase 'visual fit' or do they mean they want the outline of their abs to show in the next two to three weeks?

you need to clarify your questions significantly more before you can expect to get any reasonable responses...

also, why the hell would you expect any of the trainers and coaches that get articles published here to feel the need to prove anything to YOU? why should they give a shit? are you going to pay them handsomely for their advice?

finally, getting 'in shape' shouldn't be something that someone does two to three weeks out from attending their high school reunion or wedding...being 'in shape' need to be a permanent life-style commitment...

people that expect miracles in just two to three weeks are 99% of the time setting themselves up for dissapointment ...


You're copping shit because no-one can figure out what the hell you are talking about. "Visual Fit"??? What the fuck is that?

Perhaps if you asked a quantifiable question, or set an actual measureable goal, someone would be willing to help you. Things like:

Starting stats, goal stats, diet, lifestyle, background etc would all help. You gave us nothing to work with, so you got nothing in return.


Try here, this should get your "friend" there in only seven days!



When all the movie producers came to Vince Gironda with their stars to whip them in shape quickly Gronda would put them thru a circuit training workout, PHA. And it always worked. You should get his book "Unleashing the Wild Physique". Great book!


You proceed exactly as if you were giving yourself a realistic timeframe-meaning a hard and well-planned lifting program, appropriate cardio, and a top-notch diet. Perhaps the Velocity Diet. Maximal amounts of fat will be lost with minimal to no muscle loss. There May even be some muscle gains depending on fitness level at the beinning. But there will not be a miraculous physique chance.


Nah-Swolecat's plan won't make that much of a visual impact for someone whose not in the single digits or damn near close.


I don't think it's gonna happen.

Sure eating right and lifting well and getting enough sleep are going to help, but it takes time to gain muscle and lose fat. And it's difficult to do both at the same time with great success.

2-3 weeks though? It's not going to happen unless you're already in fairly good shape and just need to tidy up the loose ends. If there's a fair bit of work to do then it will takes months or more.