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Modafinil: Trouble Sourcing It Recently?


Realizing that telling sources is totally taboo here, I'm wondering if anyone was having trouble finding/getting modafinil recently. Many sources don't even list it anymore, and I also can't see any adrafinil either.

The one bulk source that I know of has kept pushing their back in stock date back and back - it's in October now.

Is this a byproduct of or related to the steroid and hormone manufacturing crackdown in China?

Also, how do you get sources without asking for them or posting them?


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I get it by prescription; Have been using it for years. Wonderful stuff !


It's the only thing that keeps me going when my TRT is off, mine is by perscription also.


It'll be tough for someone as young as me, but do you have any suggestion for what I should say to my doctor to try to get it?
I'm guessing it's also a lot more expensive this way...

Anyone have any suggestions on where else to look for it? I've seen Modalert, but I wasn't totally impressed when I used it.

Class A? So it's rated the same as heroin and crack? The only two organizations who I can think of having enough influence to do this and want this is the pharm company who makes modafinil and WADA, do you think it was both/either of those?


How about telling your doctor that you always feel sleepy during the day. You are always tired; Need the extra focus you get from Modafinil to excel in your studies, work, etc.

I don't think just any doctor will write you a prescription for this stuff. It's got to be a doctor that knows you, and you've established a history with.

I've been seeing my doctor since I was 11 years old, so he knows I'm not just another junkie looking for kicks.

IP used to list it on his site, but it's not listed anymore.

Hope that helps


detailed discussion (including sources) @ http://www.topix.com/forum/health/narcolepsy/T5G91I20L8QQNE68F

Worth noting are several commentors that note that although they have a prescription, most insurance does not cover and it is cheaper to order over the internet.

I just started using Modalert purchased in this way and am very pleased w/ results


Holy balls! Modafinil is freakin' expensive!


I take it and Im sure glad my insurance covers it. Costs about 2k US to buy w/o insurance.

Modafinil aka Provigil in the USA is used to treat (provigil.com)
1: Shift sleep disorder
- Hey doc, I just got a new job where I have to work the graveyard shift and I am having trouble adjusting. Did I mention I drive a forklift
2: Narcolepsy
- I just fall asleep all the time for no reason.
-Im guessing faking narcolepsy would be a bad idea.
3: Obstructive sleep apnea.
- I wake up choking every night. Ahhh!!!

Off Label
My psychiatrist proscribes it to treat my ADD. Of course when I take it it only helps me focus. 200mg 1-2 a day. But I gave my xGf 50mg and she was cracked out all day.


Hey nice job here Testo!

I was wondering if you could pm me with the source you used in your case by chance?

How's the anabolics going for you these days btw?



Just so you know there is a member on this site that purchased that product from that bulk site that you speak of and he is rather sure that he did in fact not receive moda when he ordered it.


Did he get it directly from contacts/sources in China? Or an Internet store that sells other pharmacy stuff and steroids too?


If you read between the lines regarding the bulk site then you can tell which internet site it came from if you are firmilar with them.


Hey guys! Why don't you just google monafadil. I've got 4-5 shortcuts on that. What's the problem. It's the internet.(Or provigil).


I found a decent place doing just that. Well priced. Offer a solid guarantee that the product will arrive. I’ve been wanting to try this stuff since my neurologist first recomended it a little over two years ago for fatigue, brain fog, concentration, etc. I’ve got a brutal auto-immune disease that keeps me in constant pain and feeling exhausted.I’ve tried meds for add but they all leave me totally fried out, my system just can’t recover quick enough from the heavy stimulants.
So from everything I’ve been reading over the last few years this should be the miracle I need to be a more productive functioning member of society.
I tried to have the psych I was seeing for pain and adhd to write it for me but he said the insurance I was on only covered it for narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorders and it’d be super expensive to pay out of pocket.
So of this .com site comes through for me it could potentially mean the difference between a miserable life of less than mediocrity and realizing my potential as a brilliant mind trapped withing a malfunctioning painful weak decrepit body.
Will let you know what happens!


sweet, bro! Make sure you go back in time 6 years when people gave a shit about this thread