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Modafinil/Provigil for Energy and Focus

This might turn out to be a dead thread but wondering if anyone as experience using modafinil for energy and focus and at what dose. Or if anyone has input please share.

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I had a friend who was going to India a few years ago and I told her to pick some up while she was there. She tried it and absolutely loved it. She was one of them there book learnin’ kids and she used it for studying. Reported good energy and focus; compared it to adderall but without the “edge”. FWIW I’ve never tried it because I have said adderall, so I really wouldn’t benefit much. So there you go. The only sliver of information I can contribute is now there.

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ill give you my take … take it with a grain of salt because i am not expert

a friend had an Rx and he got it for better focus since he had OSA

i could tell when he was on it - he talked like a coke head. a mile a minute. he was definitely “on” when on and he is a physician so i am sure it helped with his job… however it was one of those situations where it was hard to get a word in during a convo since his brain was firing constantly. so it for sure works and i have read a lot of people say its a gamechanger… but watch the dose and your reaction to it. he had a blind spot - he had no idea how he acted while on it

i wanted to try it so i took a few pills from him. the first run it was like an enema - completely cleaned me out. i tried a half dose a few times but my stomach just coulfnt take it. i know its not a “stimulant” in the true sense of the term, but thats the effect it had on me. this was years ago - now they have an updated version of provigil …cant recall the name but i have read similar (very postive) reviews. for whatever reason i just couldnt stomach the drug. literally.

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I have a script for Adderall. I use it sparingly. I seem to crash from it. Iv tried the instant release and extended release and it just makes me feel shitty later in the day and really moody especially to people around me.

Im def looking for something strong like adderall. Something that gives me the extra bit of kick that most “natural” things don’t offer. So this is appealing. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t some bullshit drug before I send money.

Thats my understanding as well. I know adderall is a stimulant it metabolizes the same as amphetamine. My hope is that sense modafinil metabolizes differently I might not have the same crash as I do from adderall.

Il probably take the dive and give it a shot. Il def update with my experience if I do. It will be interesting to see how it compares next to adderall

adderoll makes me edgy and makes me forget to eat - it works and you can feel it (as you know) but provigil is different. you dont feel like youre on 12 espressos and i think thats good and bad. that was kind of my point earlier. i only took it 3 or 4 times as differnt doses because i really wanted it to work for me but after a few tries and how i reacted to it i gave it up. i think my bud had a blind spot because he was so hyped but wasnt aware. i am by no means criticizing the drug or its use - just being devils advocate and throwing out my perspective.

I would not trade adderall for anything. But I also need it to be able to focus. I spent 32 years not functioning properly, but I always had a job that didn’t require the focus of a normal person, so I put off using anything. Once work changed my ADD had to be addressed. Since then it’s been a miracle for me. But I don’t get any of the side effects that you guys speak of, so my experience is different, apparently.

i think its poison but i agree and am in the same boat. i have taken the regular, the XR, and the vyvanse. How anyone functions on Vy is crazy to me … its just too much HOWEVR i can just plow through hours and hours of PC work when i tried it. The flip side it i forget to eat/drink/blink … and when i come down my mood and bloodsugar are just dogsht since i am depleted. But a couple times a month ill take a 1/4th of a regular addy and get some things done that i have been putting off … helps me w motivation and thats one of the reasons i went in to get labs (and that took me down the TRT rabbit hole)

Bought it online because my doc wouldn’t prescribe it. Took half a pill and was a fucking genius.

No shit.

Wore me out a bit - constantly alert. I fucking love this drug.


what dose did you take and how long did it last? any trouble sleeping etc? I think i listened to Joe Rogan and he said it was like the movie “limitless” for him … which is what i was looking for to knock out mundane PC work .

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I have always played with the dose to find the balance between optimal results vs minimal sides. For me 5mg IR 3x a day has been the sweet spot. I started out at 10mg 2x per my doctor, but that was just a little much. From that dose I definitely got the crash. I read about guys doing 40mg IR a few times a day and I just get dizzy thinking about it.

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Provigil is the older drug that is a mixture of the left and right isomer. The left side is less effective but might have different modes of action. Nuvigil is the newest one and it’s pure right isomer and is stronger per mg. I’ve tried both and nuvigil is the stronger one. There’s even an older version that was available in England and overseas and never available commercially in the US. That drug had potentially hepa toxic side affects.

I am prescribed adderall for daytime sleepiness due to sleep apnea but there’s red tape involved with it legally because it’s a CII scheduled drug therefore my Dr had to drug test me twice a year per his practices policy to make sure I’m taking the drug (and not selling it) and not taking any other drugs that aren’t prescribed. Been on it for many years. I prefer the instant release because I can take it in the afternoon and still sleep at night. I take half of a 15mg tab per dose and it does the trick. Anymore and it’s a bit too much. The comedown can be brutal and it’s dose dependent.

Getting to the drug you actually asked about. It’s hard to describe Provigil without comparing it to Amphetamines which is why I made reference to adderall. Provigil is not a classic stimulant and works by pathways of the brain that control histamines if I’ve understood at all what I’ve read. It’s the opposite of an antihistamine if that makes sense. That’s what makes it a different class of drug compared to a stimulant.

With that said, the actual effects I get from it are like most said already. It’s stimulating of the mind, but not much peripheral stimulation. Not really a heart stimulation or body stimulation like amp. It is stimulating in its own way and has a long half life. Almost too long. Just give it a try and start off with half the dose you think you need and see how you feel. I’d wait till the next day to assess your thoughts on how it made you feel, when it took affect, how long it took to take affect, how long it lasted and how you felt when it wore off. It doesn’t have much of a hangover or comedown that I could tell but do take it early in the morning if you plan to sleep at all at night. I would take my first dose on a day I had off work if possible. It’s scheduled C IV and most Drs won’t have a problem prescribing it if there is a relationship of trust with a patient and a need. Should be considered mild by most. It would take a few weeks of use to know if it’s something you find useful.


First let me say I really appreciate everyone’s input this is exactly what I was looking for.

I agree in the sense that I think it can become addicting or lead to Dependency then again so is coffee and many other things. As long as it’s not abused I think it’s fine. I have great employees that make my job much easier than it should be. But once a month a have to get a magazine to print and for about 3 days I’m balls deep in work making sure everything is up to par. And adderall is a God send but as I said the crash regardless on the dose is annoying. If it wasn’t for that crash I’d probably take it more often.

Another thing is my son will be born in August and i know between work and taking care of that fella I’m gonna be stretched thin. If I’m only able to get a few hours of sleep a night some nights I’m gonna need a little something to help me focus.

@redbull3906 thats exactly what appeals to me I want something that stimulates the mind like adderall without the body effects if that makes sense. I placed a small order for some India modafinil I’m gonna do as you suggested take it on a weekend and see how it works out. Iv read promising stuff some stuff that almost seems to good to be true. But it def seems like it’s worth a try.

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if i had access to NuVigil I would try it but i would prob have to experiement with like 1/8 dose or even lower … the old version just gave me instant stomach issues and that might be really rare. I wasnt knocking it or adderall (even tho adderall is meth ) Im all for optimization. LMK us you get an Rx and how it works

It really is lol. White collar meth. And it’s amazing at what it’s designed to do.

I have a very open mind when it comes to the use of drugs (legal and illegal) I’m curious as to the micro dosing of lsd and mushrooms as well. Iv considered taking a dip into that

same here and it works

This, need a source.

What do you take the adderal for? I assume attention deficit disorder or something? I have ADD, don’t use stimulants, however very occasionally take a low dose of them to study for a tes-… I mean I never use pharmaceuticals for purposes outside of their specified guidelines.

I react badly to stimulants, caffeine doesn’t like me, nor do amphetamines (Vyvanse, dexmethylphenidate etc), however they do help my concentration immensely, they make me antsy though, make me very energetic (so I don’t get much sleep)

Haven’t taken since October of last year I believe (typically it’s one dose, like a one off before a massive test)

I can’t help but laugh at some of these responses pertaining to adderal. I’ve been prescribed to that shit for so long now (24 years) it’s like candy. I can take a 30mg and go to sleep. Vyvanse on the other hand is the most awful drug ever created :face_vomiting:

Yeah, ADD. Had it all my life but I never sought treatment because I worked in a field that didn’t require real focus. Once I changed careers it was impossible to sit at a desk for eight hours and stay on task. It was like being in college all over again and it was a nightmare.

I used provigil years ago, was grinding my teeth like crazy giving me a headache.