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Mock Meet


I have my next meet coming up in november and just hit the halfway point in my training cycle. I did a mock meet yesterday where i maxed out in all my lifts and treated it like a meet...taking hours between lifts and 10 minutes between attempts. I'll post a link let me know what you guys think!


That's a dang fine squat you have there. 20 years old? Keeping training hard.


damn didn't think you were gonna make that bench, nice work.


You're looking strong, keep up the good work


all three of them lifts were grinders


I do have one little piece of critiscm, I'm sure you noticed this but just incase you didn't.... You need to try to make sure that you push your knees out when you squat, I noticed they were starting to come in on your way up


Try http://virtualmeet.net



yeah i did notice that. i had a great day as far as handling heavy weight, but my technique was off all day. i hadnt handled much over 90% in my training cycle so once i got the heavy weight my technique broke down. Im gonna spend some time this training cycle really doing a lot of technique work. Also does anyone have advice on getting strong on the bench with the pause off the chest? Bench use to be my best lift and ever since i started powerlifting the pause has made it my worst. Any different lifts or just anything that will help get me stronger from the chest would be appreciated!


you're a strong kid.

and yea grinding lifts are always more fun to watch.


My $0.02. Some work with a longer pause. Presses off pins close to chest height, let bar rest on pins between reps. Use bands to learn to explode off chest as hard as possible. Some BP with the weights dangling from bands will help you stay tight while waiting for the press command. DB bench presses or benching with an offset/cambered bar will give you a greater range of motion. Leg drive, lot's of it at the right time.


Nice work, what are your goals for the actual meet?


650 squat is my goal. My last meet was in May and I hit 578 weighing in at 234 and lifting in the 242's. I started dieting to get down to compete in the 220's because i feel thats what i should be lifting at for right now, this will be my last raw meet then im gonna start liftin geared. My body weight now ranges anywhere from like 218-224 depending on how I eat but I was able to put 32lbs on my squat while losing around 15 pounds of body weight in 3 months so i know 650 is a high goal but it might be easier since im just gonna be maintaining weight now instead of focusing on losing it. I would like to bench 400, idk how realistic that is, and i want to pull at least 550 and anything over that will be a bonus. I wish someone would do a squat only meet because thats really my only strong point.


I would also love squat only. I hate squatting more than I can pull


Very nice lifting