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Mock Meet Results 2 Weeks Out from USPA Meet

Had my mock meet at local CF joint. My goal was 1150 total. Ended up going 9/9 and 1255 total. Not sure in the meet if my 465 squat would have passed (depth and walkout was unstable). Pulled 485 in DL but think I had another 15 pounds. Hoping this can carryover 2 weeks from now. I will attach the 425 and 465 squat and 485 DL and see what you think. Plan on 80% 3 sets next week for 3 lifts then basically shut it down the week out. Thanks for all the help on this journey.

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Looking good man

On the deadlift it seems you set up, get a belly full of air, get your shoulders down and back and late going, bend down and then undo all of that. I’m a total newb so that may be a wrong observation?

That could be true. I feel when i am bent over that it is hard to take that belly of air. I need to bring my chest up more too before i pull to lock in my lats. Kept forgetting that cue yesterday.

I think i was so unstable due to getting a little too wide with that last step and at the bottom my knee came out of my wrap and i lost some tension and rebound.