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Mobility Work/Stretching Frequency

would it be okay to perform mobility work for joints and stretches several tmes a day? would doing it more often lead to quicker results, or is there a limit to how much you should do per day?

Adding in more mobility and flexibility sessions would be of benefit if you are especially lacking in those areas. In my experience it is more easily said than done when one decides to add in more of these sessions.

If I were you, I would figure out what areas are in need of improvement and aim your focus there. Stretching and mobility, while being wonderful tools, are not a cure all. You should devote equal time to weight training. For example, if your hips are tight, you can stretch them 'til the cows come home, but you will see a greater net effect if you strengthened your glutes and hamstrings as well.

yea, my mobility isnt what it used to be. back in high school everything was perfect, if i were to rate it now, it’d probabl get a 3/10 :open_mouth: think its about time i focused on sorting it out.

ive already targetted set areas to work on (mostly the hips), and have included some glute activation work and added pull-throughs for them. if however, with regards to mobility work especially, i could do them twice or three times a day instead of once and it would produce quciker results, then id be glad to make time for that.

As opposed to multiple sessions per day, I would instead choose to increase the number of days per week that you engage in mobility work. Then perhaps, if you still feel the need to increase your frequency of work after, lets say 6-8 weeks of everyday sessions, moving to multiple sessions per day would then become an option.

You should also focus on soft tissue work. Soft tissue work first, then stretch, then do mobility work. I think by doing one session of this everyday, you will start to feel much better.

thanks for the advice.

soft tissue work, as in foam rolling? shrugs

Yes, foam rolling, massage, etc. In some instances you will notice instant improvement with just soft tissue work.

thanks alot for the advice!