Mobility Training

Hi guys,
I would like to include more mobility work on top of my strength training (I am currently following Wendler 5/3/1) but I do not know where to start: programming, exercises to perform, etc. I would like either to a) dedicate 10 mins during each strength training day for mobility and stretching work and also b) have one or two days that I fully dedicate to mobility (20-30 mins).
Can anyone give me some direction on where to start?


DeFranco’s Agile 8 is a good place to start. I think that’s what it’s called, anyway…

EDIT: yup, that’s what it’s called. Thanks, google

Yep, the Agile 8, done everyday is Wendler’s go-to recommendation. Certainly not a bad choice.

Are there specific issues/bodyparts that give you trouble that you’re looking to correct or is this more of a general maintenance and prevention thing?

With mobility work, I usually prefer a few choice movements, individualized for your/mine/whoever’s individual case, rather than just doing general work. When in doubt, making sure you hit the hips/low back and t-spine is usually a good bet.

I personally use an overhead lunge variation, a plank variation, and the cat/camel before every session, plus some hip stuff right before squats.

Tons of good ideas here…

I could talk about mobility stuff all day.
The agile 8 is awesome for pre workout, or anytime really.
Check out ido portals squat routine for your hips on your longer mobility days.

Thank you all for the replies.
De Franco’s routines seem perfect during strength training days before hitting the main lifts.

Any suggestion in terms of routines for an entire training session dedicated to general mobility? Is there any documentation out there on this subject?
I can combine the different ad-hoc exercises that you have linked to but I would rather have a sort of “mobility” program to follow, with specific routines and progresses to track.

you shouldn’t really need to do that. Like Colucci said, a few exercises that target your specific weaknesses is all you need.

Find out what you suck at most and do it in your warm up and on off days.