Mobility Tools for Powerlifting?

What tools and things do you guys use other than a foam roller for mobility? What are their benefits and where should I go about buying them?

Joe Defranco´s “Agile 8” 3 x daily

TPS Malden aka Total Performance Sports, check them out on the intertubes, they’ve got some great stuff along with Donnie Thompson’s stuff.

But the agile 8 daily is a great start. There’s an upper body version too.

Shoulder dislocates. The name is a bit of misnomer.

If a broom handle or other pole puts too much stress on your wrist and/or shoulders, try them out with a band.

The mistake I think most people make with this one and just using momentum and just going through the movements. This has actually given me minor injuries.

To make sure I get the greatest benefit I remain mindful of each part of the movement and make sure that every part of the movement is very deliberate and under complete control. You should be able to stop at a moments notice at any portion of the ROM.

I also make sure that my shoulders stay back and down the whole time.

If there’s an area that smidge tender or just causing a lot of resistance, I’ll move the dowel rod through that part of the ROM back and forth very slowly.

I would add a lacrosse ball/ massage ball to the foam roller. Great for glutes/ hips and pecs/shoulders. Also I have recently begun to use a mini blackroll to roll out my forearms and triceps as my elbows were in a lot of pain lately while heavy pressing and I can’t fully supinate my hands because my forearms are tight. At least that is what most folks I have talked to think is the issue…
Furthermore a massage stick is nice but not really necessary.
I have heard super good stuff about flossing but haven’t tried it yet.
Also bands. Good to intensify stretches for your hips/ pecs/ lats/ ankles for example and to use for various mobility drills such as shoulder dislocates.

Bands. Far superior to rolling in my experience (I leave rolling to my deload weeks).

Hip circle work: walks & squats.

Couch stretch, and variations.

Spend time on the floor: Yoga and Pilates.

Wear out the rear delts with high reps.

Wish I did all of this from day 1. I’d be indestructible!

A great detail work tool I use is a gua sha scraper. They are fantastic for small areas that I have trouble hitting with the lacrosse ball like around my elbows and knees and along my calves which get excruciatingly tight. It’s uses are pretty much limited to those areas but at 15 bucks max for a decent one and some cocoa butter it’s cheap enough to be worth the try in my opinion.