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My hip mobility is a joke and is really becoming a limiting factor in training. I also know I could resolve a lot my low back pain if I were able to improve it. That being said can anyone please point me in the direction of some good articles, youtube vids, dvds, etc... Anything you think might help is greatly appreciated.


Magnificent mobility?

Or just read the articles on this site.


Magnificent Mobility, Spend the money man.......


Magnificent Mobility - Check.

Are there any specific articles/authors you guys can direct me to. I've read a good number of the articles and I know how to use the search function, that's not the issue here. It's a combination of having to wade through the vast amount of returns I get per search and not knowing what works and what doesn't. I guess I should have been more clear in my wording.


Have you checked the Body Repair sub category at the top of the home page?


How is your hip mobility limiting you?


Read stuff by

Eric Cressey

also buy a foam roller, and dont neglect your calves.

Listen to my advice man, its good.


I brush over it from time to time, I'll go check out some more of the articles in a bit. Good call.

I have essentially given up for the time being on deads and squats because I can't keep a neutral spine.

I probably should get a new foam roller, mine is so used and beat up it's soft enough I could use it as a pillow. As far as what you said about calves do you mean don't neglect to foam roll them or don't neglect to train them?


search for DeFranco's agile 8! that might help too.


check out the articles at:

don't limit yourself solely to the writers associated with T-Nation (not that they're bad)


Found the agile eight http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_joe/archives/ask_joe_08-10-03.html for anyone else interested, looks like something that might really help. Thanks for that, good suggestion man.


foam roll them, but its better to use a tennis ball for that...Search cressey series foam roll on youtube do what tony does!


Double post,

are you positive that your inability to keep a neutral spine on squats and deadlifts is being caused by your hip mobility? If you already own magnificent mobility and foam roll frequently, I would begin to wonder. If we are talking squatting ass to grass I can not keep a neutral spine, parrallel is fine, below parrallel=still fine, going full out deep=OUCH. Same thing happens with convential deads, when the weight gets heavy my low back wants to round over. for these reasons i squat slightly below parralell and deadlift sumo style.


When I said "Magnificent Mobility - Check" I meant I'm going to order it, my fault. As far as squats I've never even tried ATG because I will usually lose my arch right at or just below parallel. I've often considered pulling sumo but never tried it, any pointers? I ask 'cause you could count the number of people at my gym who dead on one hand and their form is iffy at best and youtube is full of so many self proclaimed experts that I barely trust anyone anymore.


oh ok, MM will make a big difference, spend a lot of time doing the drills, it will be worth it. "squat to stand" loosens up your hips like none other. Sumo deadlifting pointers?

-Squeeze glutes
-Brace core
-Don't pull through low back
concentrate on using the legs/upper back to get the weight up.
and if you have back problems like me i reccomend working up to one top set of 5.