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Mobility Help

Weightlifting shoes have a whole range of benefits- increased stability being a big one.
Shoes with elevated heels will indeed make it easier to reach depth without back rounding. It is much safer and more practical to have a heel than to put a plate/board under the heels, obviously.

If you can afford to buy shoes, buy them!

Having the heels elevated will not in of itself make you raech a higher level of flexibility any quicker.
Squatting, heels elevated or not, does however improve you flexibility over time.
So, what the shoes will do for you is to allow you to reach a proper depth without needing to improve your flexibility. This has many benefits, the most apparent being less stress on your knees, and proper glute/ham work done in the squat.

Of course, you should still continue to to work on mobility for other reasons, but it will make your squat much more comfortable and less frustrating, I’m sure!

awesome, i was worried that if you raise heels, you still woudlnt ge the proper glute/ham activation and work from squatting. im still going to continue with mobility work, stretching and foam rolling (i quite enjoy it all…yes…even on the IT band lol). thanks for all the help to all in this thread!

Doesn’t mean you have to stop working out, single leg work can actually help loosen you up, as well as bodyweight exercises for the upper body. Obviously all the mobility work and stretching should be of priority.

probably my last update for this thread, before i let it sink into archives.

-stretching and foam rolling the inner thigh muscles has helped ALOT. i can squat to parallel with no lower back rounding. i still feel quite tight so ill continue stretching and rolling.
-foam rolling on a pvc pipe is amazing. results seemingly come much quicker-i can now roll my IT band on the pipe with both feet off the floor (i get 4-5 strokes before the pain is too much, but its improving very quickly)

just a quick thank you to all that helped. i greatly appreciate all the advice given in this thread :slight_smile: