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Mobility for Old Farts

I want to start a thread about this, perhaps if we pimp it out enough maybe will be a sticky.

Mobility is something we all need to work on, particularly as we age.
I’m on the young side, but do need extensive work- to be “warm” Im pretty banged up,
my recovery ain’t great, and I know most of you are too.

I hate to sound like a T-Nation article full of abbreviations gone bad, but I really cant pimp some of this enough.

Mobility = longevity

the keywords today - are dynamic warm up
and foam rolling- the soft tissue work it provides are really underrated.

YTWL shoulder protocol

Shoulder dislocates/broomstick stretch

Eric Cressey Foam rolling

Eric Cressey Thoracic extensions

Defranco sample mobility drills lower

Defranco upper

Itband stretches

this is probably a decent start.


Mods - I vote for stickiness. It’s at least as important as TRT.

Great idea kmc, it’s got my vote. Fact I just posted on my log how I’ve been neglecting this and am paying for it in my lower back. I’m doing an overhaul on my routine to include more mobility exercises.

Mobility + working out = longevity

Yeah… I gotta start doin’ this too. I’m hurtin’.

Great stuff, KMC!

Ditto for the sticky… I gotta do more of this myself.

Another vote for stickiness!!

Thanks people

Here is some more … glute activation. I have robbed the best…

glute bridge


hip rotation

Bird Dogs


single leg RDL

Ill post more stuff when I get a chance

Same ideas, different author:

Squat Mobility

Rotational Squat

Lateral Squat

Bridge Variation

Exercise Tips - Hip Mobility and Back Stability

Shoulder P/rehabs ideas:



I have Steve Maxwell’s Encyclodepia of Joint Mobility DVD series and can’t say enough good things about it.


Question. Do the stretches work on people of normal statue, say over 5’ something? Joke. I agree with the sticky. Tired of the low T stuff being at the top of the forum and this is useful info for most. Do we make a sacrifice to the mods or something? Didn’t we have to threatened them with pictures of us in speedos last time we had a request.

Great thread.

Mods, please sticky-- it might help alleviate the nightmares I have about kmc’s big scary teeth.

OK… mods aren’t taking us seriously… I have bought a sequined lime green thong speedo, gonna put it on and post a pic… I’m crazy man, don’t push me!!! Sticky!

[quote]bunny7568 wrote:
OK… mods aren’t taking us seriously… I have bought a sequined lime green thong speedo, gonna put it on and post a pic… I’m crazy man, don’t push me!!! Sticky![/quote]

Woohoo! the speedo threat works every time!

Thanks. Mods…


funny…logged in to join the plea for a sticky…

Thanks Mods…

Thanks kmc…already tried some of these before my squat session this morning.

Thanks KMC for all the work you put into this. You should put an e-book together. I’d buy it.

Thank you mods and KMC.