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Mobility/Flexibility Issues in Soccer


Oke I got the following question(s)

I play soccer recreationally but I do feel that my flexibility/mobility is not up to par.

Keep in mind that I work in an office job 5 days a week, and work out for 2-3 hours a week
and play soccer 3 hours a week.

Anyway I think I have to work on the following:

Tight Quadriceps I did the following test, laying on my stomach and curling my foot towards
my glutes. I cannot get there without my quadricepts getting tight and quite painful.

Tight hamstrings. I cant reach my toes when standing. Now I do not know if the problem is hamstrings themselves or a kind of pelvic tilt since I do have quite the lordosis (hollow back).

Tight hip flexors. When I run I have problems extending my leg behind me and I really feel that I can not make big strides because of this.

My question is how can I make sure that the above are really the problems (tests etc) for my sport, and what is the best way to work on that?

Static stretching? Dynamic mobility work? PNF Stretching? Foam Rolling the muscles? Lifting weights? All of the above?

I am currently saving up some money to pay for a complete screening by a physiotherapist but these are not so cheap. Thanks in advance guys!


I’m no expert but I’d work on running/agility ladder type drills


Agile 8 and limber 11.

Work out what moves work best for you and what moves dont.