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Mobility/Flexibility In Elbows

I’m having trouble with my triceps. When doing seated/standing tricep extensions or skullcrushers, my elbows stop cooperating before the muscle feels fully stretched. For example, with skullcrushers, once the angle between my upper arm and forearm is less then 70 degrees or so, I feel this pulling in my elbow.

It’s not painful, but it feels like a ‘numb tugging’ at something inside the joint-- both elbows. I assume this is a lack of flexibility in tendons or something. Does anyone have a solution for improving the joint function? Should I give up these motions? Thanks.


No advice at all?

Hey man, Just saw the post. What you’re experiencing is most likely due to a lack of flexibility (assumption based on your post).

Most lifters,bodybuilders, and strength athletes do very little, if any, stretching. In all my time lifting I never see guys stretching.

Most of us think it’s unnecessary, but just the opposite is true. Muscles contract and expand. Lifting contracts and we must allow expansion by stretching. It always made sense to me.

It’s about being in balance. If I dare- I suggest checking out a yoga class. I believe it’s partly responsible for me training injury free. Hope this helped.

One more thing. There are certain exercises that give me weird sensations too. I don’t do them anymore. There are WAY too many lifts and variations to do anything that causes you pain. Here’s a link to a basic yoga sequence that I beleive will help you.

try the sun salutation: