▶️ Mobility Exercises for Lifters Who Hate That Crap

For most lifters, mobility exercises are an afterthought. Fortunately, there’s a fast, effective, and more fun way of improving range of motion: loaded stretching. It’s the “lifter’s way” to mobilize yourself throughout the range of motion you’ll need to access when you start the workout.

You want your muscles to be pliable so that you don’t get injured, but you don’t want to become overstretched to the point where you lose strength and power during your lifts. That’s where loaded stretching comes in.

TJ Kuster

00:00 4 Best Loaded Stretches for Lifters
00:06 Squat Loaded Stretch
00:18 Bulgarian Split Squat Stretch
00:28 Hanging Internal/External Rotation
00:46 Skin the Cat

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