Mobility Drills for Over 30 Lifters

Hi everyone
Greetings from India

I hope to find all tnation readers healthy, safe and dealing with the social distancing positively
So now that I’m unable to go to my gym, I have been regularly exercising at home, to the best of my ability. I came across an article today , on the site itself about the deep lunge stretch test, and unsurprisingly couldn’t do it.

I turned 33 last November and am stronger than I ever have been (I have more than 15 years lifting experience, with breaks and having dealt with life threatening illnesses *)
Squats 220 1rm, 200x3, 120x25
Deadlift 230 1rm
don’t bench, ohp 80x5 (all kilos)

Never before have I felt the need of mobility or flexibility drills, which I would certainly like to take care of.
For now, since there is complete lockdown here to prevent the covid pandemic from worsening, I can concentrate more on such drills. But I would certainly want to have some kind of routine to be done before/after my workouts in normal course too. A small 10 minute routine for example, and a detailed session a week
Any suggestions welcome

5’8", 104 kgs, 20% bf, history of stroke 2010 (left side paralysis)


P.s. excuse the long post!!

Check out Joe DeFranco’s Agile 8.

Or just google stretching, or search mobility here on T-Nation. There’s tons of resources.

With the gym out of bounds, I suppose it’s time to do that extra mobility work.

I hope I’m not breaking forum rules, but are there any online mobility courses somebody could reccomemd?

So far I have looked at GMB and “animal flow”.