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Mobility Drills and Joint Cracking

Every morning I perform a basic and short mobility drill (I’m 18). Usually just stuff like a few hindu squats, ankle and knee and shoulder rotations, etc. Having sprained my ankle many times I find quite a lot of cracking occurs in lower body rotations, and I also get this in my upper body (sounds just like when you crack your knuckles).

Is this normal or is it dangerous? What should I do? I’ve always heard ‘cracking’ is bad but it seems unavoidable.


Hey, I find a nice warm up before I do anything deep a good step. You have to baby step into a move before you do anything like your talking about.

Put your hands on your knees, bend slightly. Keep your ankles together. Do little clockwise movements, and then counter clockwise movements. Slowly going deeper. If you hear pops, your going down too fast. Do it until your knees are at a deep bend.

Then stand up straight. Lift one leg, and swivel your leg at the knee so your angle goes in a circle. Repeat with the next leg.

Then I find doing knee bend, wide grip pushups a great warms up for my shoulder. Keep you knees bent so it’s not a real strength building pushup, just a good shoulder movement. Then do super light Cubans presses. I mean with less than 5lbs. But do at least 50 of them, everyday until you have no problems. Soup cans work if you’re too cheap (or proud) to buy the pink 3lbs dumbbells.

If none of this help, then I suggest you try a glucosamine & chondroitine supplement.