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Mobility and Flexibility Routines

Oddly enough, as I was considering posting this, Cressey’s article came up about this very topic. However, what I’d like to check on is if anyone has tried Rmax’s FlowFit or Intu-Flow (or both) and the Magnificent Mobility program.

First, I’m still not even sure what the differences between FlowFit and Intu-Flow are, but they both inspire alot of interest in me. Can anyone explain what they are about and how they differ?

Second, I’m wondering what the difference between Rmax/Sonnon’s stuff is versus the Mag. Mobilty material. Am I correct to believe Mag. Mobility is mainly for pre-workout warmup, while FlowFit and Intu-Flow are more about being stand alone programs AND warmups? Or ??

I’m interested in dropping alot of the stiffness thats built up over the years. Seems like I can remember moving with more fluidity and I’ve noticed the difference.